How Do We Feel in Death?

How Do we feel in Death?

By Ogunyemi Oluwaseyi

One thing which unites human beings all over the world regardless of our status in life is death as its a leveler of all mortals who are committed to mother earth at the end of life’s journey. As clever as scientists have become with inventions which has simplified our daily life, they haven’t been able to come up with a cure for death, but have nonetheless made advances in research to slow down the ageing process of man. There have been powerful marabous and herbalists of sorts who claim to have the power to defeat death but have been felled by the sting of death at their “appointed time”. This is a pointer to the fact that death is inevitable.As kids in primary school, we were taught the five basic senses which include Touch, sight, Taste, Hearing and Smell during integrated science or basic science as the case may be.We were not taught about emotional feelings, which am sure each one of us learnt by trial and/or error as maturity begin to set in.  This however is not the crux of today’s sober reflection but a side attraction which may just steal the show one of these days. We feel pain, hunger, betrayal etc. But DEATH!!!! Do we feel it? Or is having premonition about death a feeling of death itself?We feel the pain of being pinched by a needle or being bruised. My Poser at this juncture is that Do we feel death when it strikes?  The only logical conclusion I have been able to come up with is that an individual might feel pain when death comes calling depending on the type of death or might just pass away peacefully during sleep.I am yet to come across anyone who has been to the land of the dead and back to interrogate them about their death experience. The closest we can be to death in my own rational thinking and observation is that we are partially dead while asleep because we are oblivious to happenings around us.We all have to wait our turns to be dead in order to know how it feels and we would probably share our experiences about what it feels like to be dead and lying lifeless in heaven when Elsieisy blog readers gather to discuss this post at the feet of our creator.Please feel free to share what its like to be dead if you know.

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