On Marriage Advice & Pastor Adeboye’s Words

On Marriage Advice & Pastor Adeboye's Words

So, the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) overseer, Pastor E. A, Adeboye made some comments recently while addressing his congregation and the Nigerian social media has gone gaga. See the comments in the image below;

On Marriage Advice & Pastor Adeboye's Words - elsieisy blog

He also said something about not marry men without job and something something about beard gangs. hmmm…Life is just a pot of beans sha…and I am glad the words – pray and prayer, are trending on our social media space for a change. I have decided not to talk plenty on this issue because I no too well like that (LOL) but read this beautiful one written by Chinenye Lauretta Ufearoh. She shared this on her facebook wall. Read below;

By the grace of God, I believe am a Christian and I have a personal relationship with God. I am also not ashamed of the gospel of Jesus which is good news to the sick, poor, sad, etc. I am not perfect but I work hard to work on my negatives.

However, my Abba father and the numerous Angels knows that me Chinenye the only female young billionaire from Oyi loves her classy good shoes, bags and nice things of this world.

And he knows that one day, very soon, will change my lovely ancient of days car. I will fly my private jet, holiday on my Yacht, drink expensive non-alcoholic wines in the middle of the ocean with my babies and few close friends, while dancing to Eben, Sinach, sunny badu, osadebe songs with a little bit of Beyoncé once in a while and a Tina Turner “what you get is what you see” .

Does that make me worldly? Absolutely not. What will make me worldly is when I go out of my way, do nasty things, engage in illegal business, defraud people, even kill just because of a Chanel bag or Hermes bangle or a Fummi hair, these are what will make me worldly.

Loving good things of life isn’t worldliness but allowing them take your heart from God is WORLDLINESS.

We all need God’s grace to keep it real…

Truth is Christianity isn’t hard like they make it look, when you learn to have a personal relationship with God, you will realise that God knows your weakness before you even thought it was a weakness yet he loved you and will do forever. Walking in his grace will perfect all negatives.

Truth is when he said my grace was sufficient for you, he knew temptations will arise but his Grace…

God knew trials will arise but his grace…

God knew things might get tough but his grace…

God knew the things of the world will entice you but his grace….

I prefer to live under his GRACE than under numerous laws that I can’t keep…

So, if you choose not to marry a lady because she loves expensive perfumes like Creed and say she is worldly and you were told not to marry a worldly lady then OYO (on your own) is your case.

Enough of making women work hard to be married, if we also encourage men to put in as much effort as ladies put into getting married, trust me, we would have less of failed marriages.

If you advice a brother not to marry a lady who can’t pray up to an hour, that’s excellent but don’t forget to advice sisters not to marry a man who can’t fast and pray for 21-40 days straight.

Telling a brother not to marry a sister who can’t cook, is okay. However, can’t the brother suggest taking cooking classes with the sister? I think that would be a beautiful adventure and it will strengthened their bond, learning new things together as a would be couple, wouldn’t it?.

Let’s balance these things and stop making women live a fake prayer life or a fake dressing life that isn’t them just because they don’t want you to tag them WORDLY. Don’t get me wrong I encourage having a healthy prayer and study life but isn’t there a place for encouragement than outright if she can’t pray for an hour drop her? Imagine if Jesus had dropped us because we aren’t always faithful in prayers?

Devil praised almost all his life yet he was evil and thrown out of God’s paradise heaven. We should encourage having a relationship with God with a clean heart first which will trigger the prayer life via the help of the holy spirit Romans 8;26.

Living a fake prayer life is pretence and deception and that is also not good in God’s eyes.

Love to all women (single, married, married almost single) out their working hard and slaying it spiritually, physically and materially, no one should make you feel you aren’t God’s best.

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  1. The GO advice is for true Christians that live holy & righteous by the Grace of God not for the lay man that are not in Christ.Otherwise,we will begin to define worldly & prayer! A spirit filled Christian does not need to be told how long to pray or how to please her man.Let us not begin to debate mundane issues, a whole lot of biblical examples are there for us to learn & draw inspiration from.The bible clearly tell us how husband/wife r/ship should be,also the qualities of a virtuous woman & how a husband should treat his wife.Let us not confuse gender equality with our Christian life,modern age has brought about radical changes in all aspects of life but for true Christians, the bedrock & standard remains the Word of God & Jesus Christ. Any deviation from such is OYO!

    1. I hope women were also advised to marry men that has a good job that will suffice in taking care of the whole family because if I’m cooking 3 meals, daily, I’m definitely not contributing ‘shin shin’, financially.Oh! And men shouldn’t be prayerful too? A man is the priest of the home o.

  2. I’m personally of the opinion that we are over-stretching Baba Adeboye’s utterance. Truth be told, the utterance might not have gone down well with most of us but that doesn’t make it outrightly wrong or unacceptable. I also think Baba was leaning more towards morality rather than spirituality when he made the statements, which no one can fault, a woman not being able to cook is a major shortcoming in this part of the world. And it won’t do any marriage any good. Although, he might have been more diplomatic by urging ladies to ensure they cook for their family instead of urging men not to marry women who can’t cook.I’m a muslim, and Baba Adeboye happens to be one of the very few men of God I hold in high esteem. But he is only human too, he can be wrong and he is entitled to his personal opinion on certain issues once in a while. So we should stop all these unnecessary outcry and condemnation and rather focus more on germane issues.

  3. Well, if you are a Christian and you pray daily. You actually pray for an hour. Yeah, you heard me right. What’s prayer? Deal with the definition and you would get my point. As long as you walk up daily and commune with your God; right from your bed, in the toilet, washing mouth, taking your bath, singing etc. Add it together, daily. Baba didn’t specify going to the mountain to pray for hour. Daddy GO didn’t say standing on your feet or sit for one hour. He only said pray. So what’s to pray? Am out!

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