Health Benefits of Tigernuts

Cyperus esculentus plant is cultivated for its edible tubers, called earth almonds or tiger nuts, which can be used to prepare horchata de chufa, a sweet, milk-like beverage. However, in most other countries, the plant itself is considered a weed. The nuts got its name from its tiger’s stripe-like look. Tiger nuts can be used to make cookies, flour, ice cream, bread, or mixed with cereals. Milk can also be extracted from it. Below are a few health benefits of tiger nuts.

·         Contains Potassium

Eating 25 Tigernuts a day gives the body 139 mg. of potassium, which is the same level as a potato or an avocado, and surpasses the potassium levels of a banana. The mineral helps the cells and organs to work accurately. Also, it regulates muscle contractions, which help your digestion.

·         Fights Malnutrition

Tiger nuts are known to contain high levels of starch, and good fat and fibre content. It is also rich in calcium, chromium, sodium, phosphorous, magnesium, manganese, iron, copper, and zinc, alongside a high vitamin E and C content. Apart from all these beneficial ingredients, they also contain all the amino acids and some B-complex vitamins. All these components are almost as good as the essential components our body needs. This makes it a complete source of the complete diet we need daily. It can be eaten raw, roasted, or dried.

·         Excellent Source of Non-Animal Protein

Proteins are fundamental to the human body. Various researchers have proved that the Chufas have a good amount of protein content, which is 8% higher than wholemeal wheat.

·         High Fibre Content

Tigernut has higher fibre content than oat brans, carrots, plums, and Chia seeds. The fibre helps the organism prevent constipation and acts as an appetite suppressant, which controls our body weight.

·         Natural Magnesium 

With only 100 grams of Tigernuts in your body, you get 13% to 17% of the daily recommended dose of magnesium. The mineral stays active in the body and aids more than 300 biochemical reactions of our organism. Magnesium is necessary for heart regulation and blood pressure. 

·         Prevents Heart Diseases

Tigernuts are a source of Vitamin E that protects us from the creation of harmful free radicals responsible for the death of the body cells. This fact, alongside high oleic acid content, has proved that it reduces the rate of heart disease. 

·         Regulates Diabetes

The high non-soluble fibre content of the Tigernuts helps those with diabetics to regulate their sugar levels in the blood. Recent studies have proved that the fibre doesn’t elevate the blood sugar levels as carbohydrates do.

·         Substitute for Animal Milk

It’s straightforward to make DIY Tigernut milk with cooking equipment that can be found in the kitchen. Alongside a few chufas, we can prepare vegetable milk that is healthy, without lactose, and rich in calcium, vitamin C, and E.

Please note that people with digestive issues such as IBS or are sensitive to high-fibre foods might experience some gas, bloating, cramping, or diarrhoea if they binge eat Tigernuts. Therefore, it’s safe to be aware of your allergies.

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