I Have Seen My Sins (R-18+)

I Have Seen My Sins (R-18+) - elsieisy blog

By Yeancah Klymax 

(To be accompanied with soft percussion and flute) I have seen my sins…The room was filled with silenceBut the soulful sound spoke softlyThe light dimmed, and the wind stilledIt was as if it stopped ticking.Suddenly, I feel unsettled;“I am a woman with needs” were the wordsThat struck my earsThus, I knew my masculinity has been put to testCould I be wrong?I wouldn’t know until she was naked;Olofin Orun oo! Such beauty.Quickly my hands arrested her breastsAnd my lips graced through her cleavage,Nipples stood as if to protest against my touchSoft and handful, as I have always thought.How resourceful my lips,Led me through the path downward.I needn’t forget her fantasized groanAs I head for the “mine”Sigh! It had drizzled before my arrival,Quite a rite of passage.My impulsive rod giggled as it deemed fitFor the journey ahead.A sudden gasp followed;I Was In She chuckled, exhaled, whined, gasped…All of which exuded pain and pleasureMy second thrust was rhythmicHer hands thrown around my back and corners of the bedAs if looking for a lost key in the dark;My ears were filled with poetic moaningAnd a stuttering call of my name: Oo la yin kaa. Quite syllabicThe pleasure burdened her eyes to stay open,Emotions were unshackled with much rush.Some 358 seconds later came the pacing thrustLike a hungry leopard in pursuit of its preyI could feel the weight of my body there in my headI was heaving, she was pantingI was mumbling, she was whiningI was whimpering, she was… aaarrghh!The room is filled with silence once againIt is third of the surreal nightsMosquitoes hovering over my ears,Sweat dripping, throat thirstedAnd the moon stood stirring at my uneasiness.What am I to do now?It was fourth night before I swore to herNever will I attempt to reap this Rose until it bloom;Only now my desire hunt my wordsWhat am I to do now?…haven’t I?Image source – www.cruzine.com

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