Happy 2016

Happy 2016

Happy New Year people!

The blog has been quiet since 1st of this year 2016 because rest was extremely needed after a long year’s work. I am sorry for the silence. But I break the silence today by wishing you all a very happy and spectacular new year.

The optimism I have and  sense in people around me is enough prove that 2016 will be awesome for me and all Elsians (Readers of elsieisy.com) .

Every church (and maybe mosque) has its own theme for the year, all you need to do is believe and work in faith. For mine (SCOAN), it’s the year of reward and I can totally relate with it. This is the year to reap. We have sowed and we shall reap by His grace.

All form of tears, pain, rejection, failure, setback and disappointment ended with the year 2015. It is the year the lord has made. The year to laugh more. The year to excel. The year to soar.

Do not hesitate to share your testimony with us here and I will in turn try to share every good thing the lord sends to me occasionally in my posts.

New categories will be introduced this year and it promises to be more educating, informative, eye opening, interactive and fun as will endeavor to share beautiful writings by awesome writers and my humble self. To be part of the blog by sharing your works, sending in suggestions and opinions, please do send a mail to elsieisy@gmail.com or email@elsieisy.com

Have a happy 2016!

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