GOT Season 7 – E5 – An heir, a wight and a domesticated villain

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An heir, a wight and a domesticated villain.

This episode gives some flashbacks of Tormund agreeing to go to the EastWatch as we earlier saw in this season and also, the Hound and the Brotherhood heading to the wall from the East after the Hound receives a vision from the Lord of the light from within a flame (oh! The lord of the light gives better therapy from Post Traumatic Stress than degree holding psychiatrists as the Hound is seemingly not afraid of fire anymore).

Let’s start from the beginning and I must warn that if you are fainthearted and in fear of spoilers, you may wish to avoid this article now.

I don’t know how far they had to swim or he (Bronn) had to, but it must have been a far distance to get out of the reach of a really pissed Drogon and Bronn had done that singlehandedly, while in the meantime dragging Jamie along in his full armor. Whoa! Just, whoa!  And they still have more air in their lungs than water to throw each other some shades? Cersei is just plain, raving mad to ignore Jamie’s counsel about abandoning the war, for God’s sake, we have seen the Dothraki fight and even the sell swords that she is hoping o from the Iron Bank’s arsenal cannot stop them. And with three live dragons?! Plus, so it was Jamie who had wanted the brutal death for Lady Olenna and not Cersei? They are just both coldhearted and perfect fit for each other.

Perhaps, Randal didn’t watch the previous episode where Dany was asking Jon (the damn King in the North) to bend the knee? And here he is forming all loyal and courageous, with that is Dick-On son or is it Reek-on? So glad she sentenced them to die by “Dracarys”. Tyrion is really cross with the Queen because she seem to have a mind of her own (all advisers want their masters to have no mind at all) and Lord Varys who obviously is not on the queen’s people-to-listen-to-but-not-take-their-counsel-seriously list, tells Tyrion to keep trying to make her more humane.

It doesn’t take long after Ser Jorah arrives that the letter from Wintrerfell also reaches Dragonstone with information (courtesy of the Three Eyed raven) that the army of the dead were advancing on Westroes from the EastWatch. But then, Jon, convinces everyone (including me, at least at that moment) that the best move was to go beyond the wall, bring back a Wight and try to convince Cersei that the war is not against flesh and blood like the scriptures say but against something with none of the aforementioned. Tyrion meets with Jamie who is ready to kill him despite him explaining his reason for nailing their monster of a father (like he needed any reason to do it), they finally stay calm enough for Tyrion to explain their terms for a cease fire; a meet. Ser Davos who smuggled Tyrion into King’s Landing finds Gendry Baratheon (I swear, I don’t know how he found him so quickly, even that their conversation doesn’t help) and they all sail back to Dragonstone, not before they show us that Gendry like his father, Robert, could swing hammers.

Cersei tells Jamie that Bronn already betrayed him about the not-so-secret meeting with Tyrion and agrees to meet with Daenerys. She also informs him that she is pregnant and even went as far as saying she would let the people know that Jamie was the baby’s father. (I feel sad that Daenerys cannot conceive a child but Cersei can). Now, they had a future to fight for and as sad as it feels saying this, I suspect the sad faction of this shows’ runners would allow the Lannisters hold the throne.

They: Jorah, Jon, Davos and Gendry sail out to Eaastwatch where they pick up Tormund, the Hound and the Brotherhood. A bad mix on the same mission: Jorah Mormont, son of the Old Bear had hunted the FreeFolk for years and Tormund is displeased to see him, then there is Gendry, pissed at the Brotherhood for selling him to the Red Woman.

At Winter fell, Arya stacks Littlefinger who in turn knowingly entraps her and leads her to find the letter he had ‘hidden’, it is the letter Sansa wrote to Rob just before Ned was beheaded by Jeoffrey. I still am dumbfounded as to how Littlefinger, with no training on moving ‘as quiet as a shadow’, could have outsmarted Arya (should I read out her credentials or would you check my other submission for them?).

by Obinna Jones

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  1. I’m a great fan of game of thrones, following the series for last few years. I think its the best one I have ever seen. I like your opinions about Gendry baratheon’s return.Thank You

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