Getting the Most Out of Your Condom

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Frank opened the window and sucked in a breath of cool, fresh air. It smelled like rain and he had no doubt that it would shower that night. His girlfriend, Lisa, would be returning from the university that same day. Weather for Two! Yea, things are bound to happen.

Weather for Two

Want to know what makes you all ready to make some music when it’s all cool and rainy outside? It’s pretty simple. We know from research that when you find the weather acceptable and relaxing, it puts you in an ‘amorous’ mood, making you feel calm and more loving towards others.

In other words, for those of us who are used to our scorching sun, which makes us uncomfortable and irritable, the feel of a cool breeze can do wonders. And not just to our bodies, but also our emotions! So when the sun is down, the trees are dancing, the breeze is whistling, and your nerves are being calmed and soothed, you’d want to let it all out and show some love! Add a willing partner to the mix, and boom! Magic happens … but hold on now, something else can happen alongside it.

You see, it’s super easy to get overly excited in situations like this, and forget that safety should also be considered when getting frisky. Hence, if you don’t pause and consider, you could end up being that person that makes a decisions that is unhealthy, and are not smart. But you’re still reading, so you’re already on your way to being the smart partner …

Don’t ditch the condoms

It is amazing how within 21 days of a new relationship, over 50% of people stop using condoms, according to a survey. We get it, you’ve been with him for a bit, and you trust that he’s clean, so why not maximize the sex. The crazy thing is, you can still enjoy sex with a condom as much as you do without condoms.

Condom is the new skin to skin

Tired of constantly complaining about how distasteful condoms feel during sex? But did you know that there are ways you can increase your pleasure without sacrificing your safety? If you just go straight into intercourse, paying little or no attention to foreplay, you’re not likely to enjoy the experience. So abeg, no be condom do you.

Getting the most out of your condom

Now you know, don’t ditch the condom and by so doing place yourself and your partner at risk for unplanned pregnancy and STI. Do these instead:

  1. Put a drop or 2 of water based lubricant in the reservoir tip of the condom before putting it on. This turns up the pleasure. No more than 2 drops, though, or the condom may slide off!
  1. The mind controls the body. Believe it or not, your brain is the control panel of your sex life. Decide to enjoy it with a condom, and you will!
  1. Make a game out of putting on the condom. This way, the experience can become exciting and something to look forward to.
  1. Find the right size of condom for you. Wear one that is too small or too big, and you’re basically self-sabotaging.
  1. Experiment with different condom texture, colour or flavour – we have chocolate flavoured condoms in our Slide Safe Pack, just saying!

No doubt, sex is supposed to be an awesome, pleasurable and intimate moment, but how pleasurable would it be when you’re worrying if you’d start to itch tomorrow? Stress can reduce your arousal or interest in sex. Worried about getting pregnant or contracting STDs including

HIV, using condoms can give you the peace, allowing you enjoy sex more.

Remember earlier on when we said something about being the smart partner? Here’s how it works: talk your partner into getting you and your partner screened for STIs. Believe me, having this talk is a great opportunity to open the channel of communication, gets you closer to Him/her.

Testing is always better when done together, because it fosters trust in the Relationship and tightens the bond. With Slide Safe Couple, you get the added benefit of screening yourself for STI in the privacy of your home, away from prying eyes. Did I mention that it comes with 2 packs of comfy condoms for free! Yay!

Check out our shop for the Slide Safe Coup. You can also order from Jumia.

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