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After about an hour of driving the driver took another turn instead of the route that leads to the Don’s house. I just had to ask

You missed the road or are you taking a detour?

Sorry madam I thought you knew. The Don asked me to bring you to the restaurant where he is right now. He says you guys are eating out

I settled back into my seat looking forward to having dinner with my new catch even though I wasn’t dressed for the part. Thinking of it I couldn’t remember the last time someone took me out to eat at a restaurant. Since after schooling, for me it’s been work work work work. I’ve never had a real date so I was kind of excited.

So where exactly is he?

Four points by Sheraton” he answered

Oh nice” I replied. I’ve never been there before neither have I heard of such a place. Sheraton hotel I’ve heard of but which one is four point by Sheraton, I had no idea but no need letting anyone know that I don’t know. So I closed my eyes till he pulled up at the place. The place was really nice and exquisite to my knowledge where restaurants are concerned since it’s next to zero. I sighted the Don seated and looking like a boss at a corner in a white long sleeve shirt. He looked up from the menu he had on his hand

Ahhh, there is my favorite nurse” he drew out a seat for me. I sat down

Good day to you too sir

He looked at me from up to down

You look good enough to eat but I’m not happy with you

I was shocked. If I had done something wrong I wasn’t aware of it.

And why is that?

You have not been taking good care of me. My shoulder hurts and” he leaned closer to me to whisper in my ears” my dick hurts

Making sure I had my sexy face on I smiled

I’m sorry. I’ve been so busy at work but be rest assured my patient that I’ll rectify that problem. I’ll take the pains off your shoulder and off your…” I looked around to make sure no one was staring at us before I raised my legs under the table transferring it in between his legs using my feet to stroke his dick. I smiled devilishly when I felt him grow hard as his eyes darkened. He leaned on the table to say something and the waiter chose that moment to take our order. 45 Minutes later, done with our meal we walked out of the restaurant. I was walking towards where the driver parked the car when I realized the Don was walking in the opposite direction

Wait the car is that way

He walked back to where I was, held my hand pulling me along with him to the direction he was walking towards before I stopped him

I know sugar. We are not riding back to the house in that. We are riding in this” he pointed to a black Mercedes C-class. He opened the passenger’s door for me and I got in

Not bad” I said after surveying the interior. So clean, so new

He got in, started the ignition put on a cool music on the stereo, and off we went. It was already dark outside.

As I was saying inside you’ve not been taking good care of your patient and that’s not fair” I rolled my eyes, uh uh here we go again.

Are u still sulking about that? I promised making it up to you

I’m not sure you can. Maybe I’ll get myself another nurse

I sat up straight. No way. He wanted some action right? Well I was so going to give him one. I leaned back on my seat and started taking off the button on my uniform exposing my breast tucked in my bra. I flicked the hook of my bra so that my massive breasts spilled out like glory.

What are you doing?” shock made him nearly run off the road. “Put that back in”

No way. You’ve been complaining I’ve not been taking care of you. Well I don’t want you to complain no more.

Wait till we get home, this is a public road

I reached over, tugged down his zipper and found him hard and ready “and your point is?”

You’re out of your mind Nancy. People can see us and…Jesus Christ Nancy” he managed as I slid my head under his arm and clamped my mouth on his. He struggled to free his mouth from mine “you will get us killed

Pull over then” the teasing note was gone from my voice replaced by this great need that needs to be filled or I explode. I had managed to bring his dick out and was stroking it not too gently. “I want you inside me, all the way in, hard, fast, right now.”

He felt the urgent sexual appeal in my voice and he pulled over to the side of the road. He jerked on the brake, fought himself free of the seat belt. In one rough move he had me on my back, all but folded on the seat while he struggled with my gown raising it up to my breast region.

You are one crazy bitch hope you know that” he panted.

Don’t act like you don’t like what you are about doing, now hurry

We…oh God” he had slipped a finger into my vagina. “Baby you are dripping wet

I winked at him “and baby you are as hard as a rock” I told him I had condoms in my bag. He threw the contents in my bag on the car floor, saw the condoms, picked one, ripped it apart and wore it. My moan was deep and throaty and melded with his as he rammed himself into me. All that could be heard was some gasping, moaning and panting. The seat squeaked and we came almost in unison in less than a minute.

Good lord” he would have collapsed on me if there had been room. “I must be as crazy as you are

I opened my eyes, then started to laugh.

You think it’s funny right

Since I didn’t stop laughing he took one of my nipple in his mouth sucking on it so hard, biting it a little.

Ouch that hurts” I wasn’t laughing no more. He looked at me smiling before opening my leg with his hand transferring a finger into my vagina. The laughter was gone and I was moaning. He started finger fucking me faster as I thrashed on the car seat. Just when I couldn’t stand the pleasure no more he tore out another condom and climbed back on top of me. This time he was on top of me longer than a minute as the car rocked along with his thrusts. When he was done I was breathless

“Guess who ain’t laughing no more?” and with that said he zipped up, started the car as we headed to his place while I managed to locate my bra snapping it back on.

We got to the house and the Don didn’t even wait for me to fully before he lifted me up on his left shoulder straight to the bedroom. He threw me on the bed. He opened a drawer by his bed side, took out an object. I stretched my head to view what it was. He poured a little of it on the desk, bending his head down he inhaled it. Only then did I notice the substance was white. Oh my God!!! That must be cocaine. He cleaned it off his nose as he stood up and started ripping the buttons off his shirt. He had this animal look laced with lust in his eyes. I must confess I was a little bit scared.

Take off your cloths

I hesitated and he saw it. He jumped on the bed and ripped my uniform from my body. Next was my bra and my pant. I lay on the bed shivering. What have I gotten myself into I thought. I couldn’t even scream for help. The place was surrounded with his men. He took off his trouser and out popped his manhood black and erect almost facing up towards his belly button.

Don’t look scared baby” he was stroking his dick “what I’m about to do to you you’re so gonna love it trust me

He jumped on the bed moving towards me. I move away from him a little which I noticed annoyed him. He grabbed both my legs holding them apart. I tried to struggle but he was too strong for me. He pinned me to the bed, licked my cheek before transferring his hand in between my legs. He spread my vagina open. I thought he wanted to finger me but instead he licked his finger before rubbing something on my clitoris. I looked down and saw he had rubbed some of the coke into my vagina. I was about protesting when this tidal waze of pleasure hit me. I was shocked. I didn’t know what was happening to me. The change was astonishing. I felt a fizzing sensation stemming from the place he had touched me coursing it’s way through my veins. I was insensible with lust. All I wanted to do was fuck and get fucked so badly. Don’s eyes were dilated with desire and I believe so was mine. I stood up, jumped on top of him. We both fell off the bed to the soft rug on the floor. I got up swiftly making sure I was on top of him. We were naked like the day we were born. I started moving my waist all over him spreading my pussy juice on his dick, moving slowly upwards, spreading it on his belly before getting to his mouth. I sat down slowly on his mouth using my leg to support my weight and felt his tongue go into my vagina. I moaned with my eyes closed facing the ceiling. I started moving up and down on his face while he tongue fuck my pussy. I felt out of this world. I remembered I had to pleasure him to so I turned with my ass facing him taking the sexual position called 69 I bent down and took his dick in my mouth. I heard him moan loudly as I sucked his dick hard and fast. Up and down my mouth went up his shaft concentrating on the dick cap. The harder I sucked him the more he sucked me. It was like a competition. I transferred my tongue to his urinary hole, flicking it inside the red spot, sucking on it. I felt him shudder. I took his balls one by one in my mouth before he threw me off him. He got up, tore a condom open and as he was putting it on I opened my legs wide showing him all the goodies. I wasn’t myself at all. I felt so light, so high, so naughty. His eyes were fixed squarely on my pussy, red and pulsing waiting for him. He knelt down and rammed his dick into me. We both screamed together as he plunged in and out of me very fast. Then he turned me and I was on all fours on the rug. His right hand squeezed my breast as he kept on thrusting in and out of me. My legs started shaking as I climaxed. I couldn’t stand up no more and my feet buckled under me. The Don turned me on my back, transferred both my legs to his shoulders and kept fucking me with all his strength. I kept on screaming loud not caring if his men outside could hear us until finally he came.

“Damn baby. You’re the best I’ve ever had” he whispered into my ear before he rolled off me.

Written by Tanya
Written by Tanya

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  2. Chai……..nna mehn… dis nurse like beta something like dis…..omo where an i get a nurse like dis to takia of my special needs>>>>>Nice write up….thumbs up to the writer…u gat me hooked already

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  4. Wao…….., Kuddos to Tanya. What a romantic novel. I love each episodes. Muahhhh

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