Getting Over Genotype Issues In Your Relationship

how to get over gentype issues in your relationship

Anonymous: “Hi Elsie, good day, I need to talk to you

Me: “Please do go on

Anonymous: “I just thought I should talk to you, I need advice

Me: “Calm down dear. What is the matter?

Anonymous: “My Genotype is AS. I have known for a long time now. My boyfriend thought he was AA because that was what he was told by his mom long time ago and I was relaxed. He went for an all round test last month and found out he is AS too. We both love each other but I think this might split us up. I have been sad.”

Me: “I am sorry love, but be strong. It will split you up. You definitely don’t want to have an SS for a child, do you?

Anonymous: “Thanks a lot. No I wouldn’t want that

Me: “I am always here if you want to talk

Anonymous: “so there is no way out?”

Me: “Yes dear, I know how you feel. Been there but you will be fine.”

Anonymous: “Thanks a lot, I feel a lot better talking to you

Me: “I am glad you do. I remember crying my eyes out. Mine was even worse but very similar. I also assumed I was AS. When I found out my then boyfriend was AS, I was shattered. I cried nonstop because I loved him. Not until I went for another test and realized I am actually AA. You would imagine we’d get back together, but no. He was done with me and was probably happy when the Genotype difference came up. Perfect excuse.

Anonymous: “Ouch! That will hurt more

Me: “Yes o! it did. So I truly understand but be strong. Ok?

Anonymous: “I am sorry dear. It hurts

Me: “It’s in the past now jare

Anonymous: “Thanks a lot, you really have helped. You are over him now

Me: “Over over sef

Anonymous: “I just wanna pass this phase

Me: “You will

Anonymous: “The reason why it hurts the more is because I’ve had disappointments and this particular guy is different, He loves me as much as I love him

Me: “I understand my dear. It is very painful.”

Anonymous: “I feel better talking to someone who understands. God bless you. *hugs

Me: “Amen and you too. *hugs

You must be wondering why I shared this conversation I had with someone out there? This is just to encourage anyone who have found himself or herself in such situation. It’s very painful when you think you finally found the right one and you both seem to be on same page only to be forced apart over Genotype issues. Call a spade a spade and move on.

Be strong and help each other move on. Whatever necessary steps must be taken. You definitely don’t want to bring a child into this world to suffer. A child is suppose to be the product of the love you share with your partner, but when that product will bring constant heartache and pain to every party involved including the product, then one should watch it.

When starting a relationship, try find out your Genotype and your partner’s Genotype. You don’t have to be very straight about it. Be stylish and apply wisdom when finding out. You don’t want to come out desperate for marriage. Avoid avoidable heartaches and trauma.

Wouldn’t hurt to come out straight too if you are a guy: “I love you, but what is your Genotype?

Share this with loved ones.

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