How to Get Women’s Appreciation Back: A Guide

How to win a woman heart back? That is the question not everyone will dare to ask. People are quite complicated human beings, so being capable to set the bonds and stick to another species representative is simply essential.

A lot of men get disappointed in their lives. Imagine that you live (date, are engaged) with a woman you absolutely love, but things seem not to work out as of lately. You keep noticing she is desperate in you as in a Man with the willingness to bring food on the table. You seem to disappoint her (keep in mind, we are not talking about cheating, that’s simply immoral, we consider only acceptable way of disappointing). A poor guy can even double the amount of work and effort, but She can remain cold and unbothered. How to save the relationship? How to make Her believe in you? How to win your woman back? Experts from are trying to give answers.

Let’s leave the spatial arguments to someone else, and get closer to the point. In spite of the fact that you are married (dating a woman), you represent not half of the person, but the entire functional person. The problem is in your mindset. You don’t need other’s opinion on where to order food and where to pay your bills, do you? Your lowered self-esteem became the reason why you seem to need her appreciation. The thing is, you are attached to your woman. It’s more than love, it’s attachment and dependence of some sorts.

But try to just face the truth – is it bad that your Woman has her independent opinion?

What if her feelings are over? So you came for a standard set of advice like ‘change your style, read motivational books’? Wake up, it’s the real world where people get bored of each other and this might be one of the reasons.

How to win back a woman? Change your mindset. Imagine for a moment that there is no wife, that you live alone. Is it scary? But you should not be scared, because this fear eats you from the inside. You should be calm and free, as in the case if the wife is still there – this is called confidence. Respect and love can be returned only if you stop chasing them, stop being a needing zero and become an independent unit. This means that your whole life should answer the question – What do I really want?Powerlessness will disappear if you begin to think in terms of strength, where there is no room for servility, anxiety, fear.

Of course, a woman, as a sentient being, perfectly sees that you are weak in spirit, and she reaches out to others – this is a normal desire for happiness, and not just a primary prostitute. Everyone is striving for happiness, and you want it, too, but it cannot be achieved at the expense of another person, that’s the truth.

A wife is your dope, which is good only if you feel self-sufficient without it. In turn, if you can feel that way, then the problem will be solved by itself: if the woman hasn’t started cheating on you, the question ‘how to win a woman heart back’ is self-explanatory. Seeing the change in your attitude to life, she will psychologically return back. It’s not about the amount of money you make, it’s how you treat her and treat yourself. Every woman begins to support a man she loves until he rejects her help and decides to stay helpless. Understand it, it is difficult to support the beginnings of a whiner and a weakling. But you’re not a weakling. Everyone gets confused and loses his orienteers every once in a while.

So, getting back to the guide ‘how to win a woman back’ the answer is – chase yourself, don’t chase other people. Don’t toss other’s dirty laundry and make it their fault. Heal your well-being and you will be one hundred percent of a living magnet for ladies!

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