The Blacks Also Do Racism

The Blacks Also Do Racism

By Akinwale Emmanuel Giwa

Indeed, when you hear the word Racism, the first thing that comes to your mind is the superiority and dominance of the White race over the Black race. But the simple truth is that, Black people also do Racism. They also have a sense of superiority and dominance over other races, especially the Whites. A continent where the practice of black superiority exist, is Africa, the ancestral home of all black people, whether directly or indirectly. Hence, this article shall logically examine Racism, from the perspective of black superiority.

According to the English Dictionary, “Racism is a belief that one race is superior to the other”. As earlier stated, Racism is usually associated with the superiority and dominance of the White race over the Black race. As a result of this, most black people all over the world, make incessant efforts and agitations against the superiority and dominance of the White race. Examples of these black agitators includes; Late Martin Luther King(Jr), John Lewis, Malcolm X, Bob Moses, just to mention a few. These agitators were preoccupied with the task of ending Racial segregation and discrimination against Black people in America.

From this, it would seem as if Racism in America, means the domination and superiority of the White race over the Black race. But that is America, let us come down to Africa. It is without a doubt that Racism also exist in Africa. But, what kind of racism exist in Africa? Is it a racism of white domination? The answer to this, is an emphatic NO. This is because just as the white people do racism in America, the black people also do racism in Africa.

Talking without substantial instantiation renders the talking futile. Hence, this article shall give substantial instances of racism even in Africa, the ancestral home of black people. One of such instances, that is, an African Country where racism exist, is South Africa. It is indeed heart-breaking to know that despite Nelson Mandela efforts to eradicate racism in the Country, racism still lingers in the heart and mind of many black people in South Africa. In fact, some black people have criticized Mandela for reconciling the Blacks with the Whites, who had supported Apartheid. In some Cities in South Africa, most black people can still be found molesting and assaulting the white people. This is as a result of how the white race maltreated the black race during the colonial period. Hence, the hatred for the white race still lingers in the minds of the blacks.

The Blacks Also Do Racism

To further worsen the situation of racism in Africa, is the fact that racism also exist, not just between black and white races, but also between black and black races. This means that the blacks also racially assault other blacks. This irrational and nonsensical situation can be vividly seen in the Rwandan Genocide of 1994, where the Hutu people physically and violently assaulted the Tutsi people, leading to the outright slaughtering of over 800,000 people in Rwanda. Indeed, this bloody clash emanated from the racial attitude of the Hutu people towards the Tutsi people, whom they conceived as foreigners and intruders. Another case of black to black racism can also be seen in the recent Xenophobia attacks in South Africa, where foreigners, including blacks, were being violently attacked and burnt alive. From this, we can emphatically state that the Blacks also do Racism.

The Blacks Also Do Racism

To sum up, it is crystal clear that having a look at racism from the perspective of black domination, has simply proven beyond all reasonable doubts that apart from the Whites, racially assaulting the Blacks, the Blacks also racially assault the Whites, and even other Blacks. In addition to this, the term Racism should not be associated with White dominance alone, rather, Racism should be a universal term.

Written by By Akinwale Emmanuel Giwa


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