Between Finding Mr. Right and Becoming a Ms. Right

#BlogFest #50DaysCountDownTo2015 – DAY 30. Written by Nonye J. Chidolue, she blogs at It is said that us girls don’t exactly know what we want in a guy. Whilst this may not always be true, sometimes it’s is somewhat! Taking out time to really observe the nature of “women“, I’ve found out that we behave and think alike in many ways than not and as such the qualities we look for in a guy are almost (most often) the same. The qualities I will look for or criticize in a guy will be no different (directly/indirectly) from what the girl sitting next to me will look for or criticize in a guy! Thus, we can sum it up to one roll of an “Ideal Mr. Perfect, sorry right!”. He is loving, honest, kind, God-fearing, patient, not to forget the looks and well he is hard working/ambitious/ industrious, all of which sums up to rich , in which place the word “rich” will most often not be used.  Don’t we just all want the best for ourselves! I’ve heard severally–We are pretty selfish creatures. I rather choose to see this as a compliment and not to underscore us. But looking at it the other way round, I think to an extent, we happen to be. When in conversations where girls state the criteria for their future husbands or so called Mr. Rights, it’s almost hard to comprehend talk less of trying to make yourself believe that such kind of perfection of a man actually does exist.  First of all, in my opinion, there is no Mr. Right or Mr. Wrong! Yes, the whole finding Mr. Right idea is a brainwashing kind of ideology that has made many women today go single and broke because they either end up losing sight of what is in search of what really isn’t or they end up spending their God given time and value. But the men are there, the good ones who want the same rational needs in a life partner as you. He may not qualify as the perfect prince-charming picture in your head and he may not appear as though he could provide you with all you want in a man but he could be the one who would provide you with everything you ever needed in a life-partner. I think the burden has been put on the men overtime that we begin to place more value on the men and forget to “up” our own value. What am I saying? – Stop searching, start becoming!  If you placed as much value as you place on your self-made Mr. Right, he’d be the one searching for you instead! In place of searching for Mr. Right, start becoming your own Mrs. Right. Yes, because you can only attract what you are. If Mr. so called right arrives and meets you in a mess of yourself, he will not help clean up your mess! You need to attain the right value in yourself in order to attract the right life partner. And when you’re at that stage of self-development and attainment, don’t forget to mingle with the Mr-not-so-right-not-so-wrong too. This will surely lead you towards discovering and appreciating your true life-partner, flaws and all. , Twitter – (@Nonyewrites) For inquiries, send mails to or tweet at @elsieisy

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