#50DaysCountDownTo2015 – DAY 30. Written by JOSEPH GOD’SPOWER

I once met a five year old girl, who told me that she wanted to become a doctor because she wanted to save lives and nothing more and in those little glittering eyes were shimmers of hope. We met again when she turned sixteen and she re affirmed that her aim had not changed a bit and she couldn’t wait to start snatching lives from the cold hands of death.

I stumbled on her on her graduation and I saw those glittering eyes still hoarding hope and I was happy.

Then I saw her a year later, I could barely recognise her, she looked ravishing and dashing then I looked into her eyes and it wasn’t glittering anymore, it was dry and banal.

Where has the hope eloped to I asked myself????

She was now piloting a doctor’s strike action!!!!! ‘why?’ is the inevitable question……

Was it as a result of non-payment of salaries or a drop in it, that would be reasonable I reasoned conscious of the fact that a job is a means of survival but then, when the answer hit me, I became amazed.

How can you go on strike because of a declaration of the Federal Government to make a post attainable by other medical practitioners!!! How poor, cheap, malodorous, spurious, detestable, lousy, ungodly and banal is this??

Where is her love for the profession? I asked

What could have killed her dreams of saving lives so soon? I pondered

Isn’t she aware that persons are dying during this period? I shudder

Why did you study medicine???? I asked her

Is it because YOU were cajoled to by your parents or because you have a burning desire to save lives and bring smiles to faces of persons???   I asked her

A boy had a seizure and was rushed to a hospital and YOU were not there to attend to him so he died.

A man with 7 children had high blood pressure and was rushed to a hospital and YOU were not there so he passed on.

A pregnant woman died with her baby because YOU were not there to give her adequate care.

A baby convulsed and died because when the parents got to the hospital, they couldn’t find YOU.

A final year petroleum engineering student collapsed and was rushed to the hospital and YOU were not there.

A fifteen year old boy was involved in a car crash and rushed to a hospital but where were YOU???

Is this your dream??

What happened to your glittering eyes????

The famous Ben Carson spearheaded an operation to separate Siamese twins for 22 hours without a break. He did this because he still had that glitter in his eyes. He’s living his dream of saving lives and putting smiles on faces.

Are you living yours?????

Next time you want to execute a strike action, ask yourself, is it worth the collateral damage.

Parents, NEVER you force a child to pursue a career of your choice because they end up being misfits and possess no love or passion for their profession.

There are other ways of proving your point or stating your claim without causing UNNECESSARY collateral damage.

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  1. Honestly parents need to stop living their dreams in the life’s of their children. Humans no longer work for passion or because it is what they love..everybody works because they have bills to pay and mouths to feed.

  2. This could have been written by me!!! I feel exactly the same way. I really don’t know why doctors go on strike. Like, the lives that are lost nkor? It’s even more annoying when the reason for the strike is money that they believe they deserve. Left to me, government hospitals are the worse because most of the doctors don’t bother. So, why do they keep fighting for more money when I even think they are over paid as it is. Mtchew!

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