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Elsie Godwin on Behind Radio Podcast - elsieisy blog

Behind Radio Podcast is a weekly series hosted by Fisayo Dayo-Samuel published on behindradio.com, where you hear stories & interviews of OAPs, Radio Personalities, Managers and those you will never hear on radio.

Behind Radio interviews those who are behind your favorite Radios. Celebrities. Hosts. DJs. Programming. All those who make up the radio you love to listen to.

I was interviewed on BehindRadio and for once, I encountered someone who agrees with me about being shy.

Elsie Godwin on Behind Radio Podcast - elsieisy blog

What makes Elsie Godwin, popularly known on air as ELSiEiSY shy? Why does she do radio in the night? How come she is a social media influencer and strategist? How does she combine all of these together?

Find out in this episode of Behind Radio as our wonderful guest, Elsie Godwin shares her story of being behind radio.

Click HERE to listen


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