#MoreForYou – 7 Nigerian Comedy Channels on YouTube You Should Check Out


Taking time to laugh is right for your general health and state of mind. Laughter can help you ease off stress and make you feel more relaxed. There is a number of Nigerians in the business of making you laugh through various comedy skits. On YouTube, you will find a series of funny and engaging comedy content by Nigerians.

In this post, we will share some interesting comedy YouTube channels by Nigerians that are worth your time. Continue reading to discover 7 Nigerian comedy channels on YouTube that you should check out.

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1. Mark Angel Comedy


With over 6 million subscribers and more than 8 million views, the Mark Angel Comedy channel delivers pure comedy to its audience since 2013. Emanuella has become one of Nigeria’s favourite characters. She acts alongside Chukwuemeka, Denilson Igwe, and Success with a great display of humour in their skits. Recently, the 10year old Emmanuella built a house for her mother. She must be doing a lot right, so check her out.

2. Official Broda Shaggi


Broda Shaggi, also known as Nigeria’s number one fine boy “agebero”, is a famous face for comedy skits. The “Oya Hit Me” comedian has over 500 thousand subscribers and over 90 million views. He has a high sense of goofiness that makes him stand out in his skits. He will definitely fill your body with a flood of laughter.

3. Real House of Comedy


Are you looking for a Nigerian Comedy YouTube Channel for a great deal of laughter? The Real House of Comedy channel is another excellent Nigerian comedy channel. With over 100 thousand subscribers, 238 videos uploaded with over 22 million views, it features comedy videos based on real-life experiences in Nigeria.

4. Twyse Ereme


The Twyse Ereme channel will definitely make you laugh. With over 200 thousand subscribers, this channel is based on the Twyse & Family series, which features Twyse Ereme wearing different costumes in different scenes and acting different characters, including a father, mother, brother, and an Aunt.

5. Xploit Comedy


The Xploit comedy channel provides jokes based on real-life experiences in Nigeria. It is difficult not to laugh when you are on the Xploit channel. With over 500 thousand subscribers with over 45 million views, you should check out this channel if you haven’t.

6. Yawa Skits           


Yawa Skits is a comedy series about survival in Nigeria. With over 300 thousand subscribers and above 30 million views, the videos are based on the daily struggle of Kalistus to earn a living by all means. It is a channel to check out for a good laugh.

7. ZFancy


The Zfancy channel features lots of funny pranks. It features Zion Ubani, popularly known as Zfancy, who pranks his victims by pretending to be somebody else. His pranks, which have landed in trouble with a policeman, are exciting to watch. The Zfancy channel has over 260 thousand subscribers, with over 2 million views.

Do you follow any of these channels? Which is your favourite? If you have any other recommendations, kindly share them in the comment section and don’t forget to text youtube to 131 for the most amazing youtube plans.

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