Excapades Of A Social Media Addict – 3 (R-18+)

Adventures Of A Social Media Addict (R-18+)

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You know that feeling when you wake up and see your blackberry blinking red with a series of messages? Dope, right. That was how I felt when I woke up this morning. Didn’t even feel like getting outta bed plus my early morning erection was still on. Let me check what’s new on twitter. ( The No.1 Amebo Social Site ). And just when I started scrolling down my TL…. Grandma called me….

           “Mayowa! Come and wash the plates ooo!!!”

      God, can’t this woman get a maid at the age of 80 abi na wetin sef! Annoying when you are the only kid at home….doesn’t matter what age you are, you still have to wash the plates, fetch water from the well ( the pumping machine has packed up and she doesn’t seem in a hurry to fix bcoz she don see person wey go dey fetch water abi..no p ) I left what I was doing quickly to do what she asked me to do before she begin dey give me lecture.

     The past few days have not really been eventful just dull, dragging days ( Ibadan sha ) always boring. Been keeping in touch with Salewa ( Miss Cutie’s friend ) regularly, we chatted fairly well enough, mostly sexual though. Miss Cutie on her own didn’t bother keeping in touch, seems she sef had adapted to the new formation. Told Salewa if she was free 2day, we should hook-up. Told her to pick a venue and let me know. Cleared all chores and popped back on bed. Logged in 2go to see if I could get a new catch to burn time with (hard luck……TIP No 1 ..“If you wanna get laid in a day with a stranger, just login to 2go around midnight, enter the “FLIRT ZONE”……don’t talk, just add up all the females you can notice in the room and start chatting dirty. 80% would respond well. The rest is left to you ) and here I was login in the morning……closed the app and grabbed my pillow, just then a text came through from Salewa.

        “Hey Mayo, how was your night? Was thinking maybe we should go to Agodi Gardens. It’s a nice place. Call me when you get this”..

  ‘Gardens ke’ I kept scratching my head….Never really been to one. Which one be gardens again? No be all those quiet places you take a girl to and start telling her you love her more than your mama?…*sighs, lemme call her back.

We talked for a while and said she would be expecting me there by 12noon……looked at the time…it was almost 11am…..lemme go and bathe and get ready..don’t even know where the “Agodi Gardens” is and I didn’t ask….

     Out so fresh, told grannie to lock the gate if I wasn’t back by 9pm considering what happened last week, I dint want to come back and be banging the gate. Walked into the bar next door (funny how my crib is between a church and a beer-parlor…salvation and damnation). Saw the regular attendant there (Shola)…was now my close buddy.

            “Egbon, how e dey go?” He asked

“I dey jare…you don help me get that agbo jedi (my waist had been aching me for a while now)”

“Na, the woman go come 2day sha”

“Abeg no forget to help me buy am”

“No wahala”

“Ok, ermm you sabi where Agodi Gardens dey?”

“Agodi? That’s around Governor’s office, you go enter cab to challenge then take another cab going to….”

The rest he was saying was jargons. To me, if it was involving 2 or more cabs, I always take a bike. I thanked him and left. Took a cab to challenge then a straight bike to the Agodi Gardens wherever it is sha!

After about 15mins ride, finally got there. Paid the bikeman then turned and faced the AGODI GARDENS…it was like a gate leading to a forest….like seriously! I scratched my head, looked at my wristwatch it was 12:05…hmm lemme stroll around and look around before calling and asking where she is. As I stepped into the huge gate, a man stopped me and asked for my pass. Huh, pass to enter “GARDENS” again? He was like yes, it costs 200… Issorai, paid, got a receipt and walked in. Omo mehn, this wasn’t a garden rara, dis na forest! I didn’t bother looking around again…found a chair and sat down, was about calling Salewa when she popped up behind me.

“You are late” she said as she hugged me.

“African time na” I grinned.

This girl was dressed to kill. A short-sleeve shirt with her two tops buttons undone (I could see d mould of her breast) and a bum-short and slips…I was like *this girl sure say na “GARDENS” she wan bring me?.

“Have you looked around?” She asked. I said no…then she pulled me to come and see something. There was a hole in the ground covered with lots of net. I looked but really didn’t see anything.

“See the cobra” she said.

“Cobra ke, where?!” I looked closer and saw the black snake coiled in a corner. Osanubua ooo! WTF was a Cobra doing in a “GARDENS”?! I asked her.

“Oo this isn’t really a garden, they just gave it that name. It’s a Zoo, there are Gorillas, Lions….”

ZOO ke!!! What kinda girl picks a Zoo as a date venue?! Is she normal at all?

“Come, let’s stroll and see the Lions?”

Seriously this was getting creepy, we started walking deep into the forest. Saw different animals in cages along the way…an Ostrich…one yeye Baboon the whole place was really deserted, met just a girl along the way. Salewa said people rarely came here, they preferred the zoo at U.I. Who would not prefer that? I thought to myself. Finally got to where the Lions were housed. Could only see a Lioness, no sign of a Lion in sight. Lobatan, I thought to myself, the Lion had escaped and was lurking around somewhere ready to pounce, chei na so my life end oo. I wasn’t comfortable at all till the Lion finally appeared. Phew thank God, I pulled Salewa and told her let’s check out other things (meaning abeg I wan dey go my house).

She didn’t even answer, she smiled, freed her hand then started going deeper into the forest. Issorai, na one thing go kill person. Started staring at her ass as she walked ahead, my dick was now harder than a rock. Sighs, I adjusted my jeans. There was a rusty bench overlooking a cage that was open.

“There used to be a tiger here”..she said.

“Where is it now?” My heart skipped a bit as I looked at d open cage.

“They have moved it, don’t know where to sha. Let’s sit down” she said as she sat on the bench. I was sitting down but my eyes were on her boobs…darn jeans, my erection was very visible for her to see. I sat down, heaved and continue staring at the cage.

“You are hard”…was the next thing I heard! Was like a bomb.

“Yea, your fault. Which guy wouldn’t be hard with you”

“Lol abegi, stop with d flattery” she laughed.

Her hands were on now my jeans, I kept thinking Lions, Lions, fucking Lions! Till she was unzipping me. Wo, fuck Lions jare. I pulled her closer and sat her on my legs. Then looked at her, kissed her neck, could feel her boobs rubbing against my body. I let my hands go behind…go underneath her shirt and started trailing my fingers up her spine…kissed behind her neck, she was nibbling at mine. Then brought her face up and kissed her deep…her mouth was so warm, kept thinking of my dick innit, by now she had really sat up on me..while kissing, took my hand off her back..down to d button of her shorts..Unbuttoned it and dipped my hand in. Kept waiting for her to pull my hand out but she was seriously wet. Just then the lion roared in the distance..Oga ade, you better give yourself brain, stay that your cage oo. Her hands were on my dick stroking me as I dipped a finger into her…started jerking her slowly…was back kissing her neck, her throat…drawing my kiss down between her breast which were really great…adjust sitting position, then pulled her shirt to the side, freed her boobs then buried her nipples in my mouth…she was moaning slowly in my ears now all the while still stroking me. She rolled my tongue all around her nipple…finger-fucking her at the same time…she started pushing her waist back and forth on my finger…stopped stroking me and started moaning loud till she came on my finger..oo sh*t. She just laughed and bit my neck…then she knelt down..bringing my dick out in the open. My mind was on the condom in my wallet (I always have 2 condoms in it at all times).

She had her tongue round my balls and I totally forgot about Lions, Tigers even forgot I was in a Zoo. Raised my fucking butt up and managed to pull my wallet out…she now had her whole mouth fully on my dick, still couldn’t contain all of me, her warm mouth was heaven, I started stroking her hair, letting my hands go down, squeezed her ass…then pulled her up…she saw the condoms in my hand, smiled…took one tore it open and wore it on my dick that was now really aching me. Then she pulled her shorts down, leaving a black g-string on (who says IB won’t be fun) slide it to the side and sat on my dick…she was tighter than I expected or was it my dick that was bigger than usual…she started humping me. I didn’t care now, pulled her shirt completely off and buried my face between her lovely boobs…the Lion roared again…if u like, bros make you jump out your cage sef, I no send you. Had my hand all over her bare back, stroking up and down right to the crack of her ass. Brought my face up and sucked on her neck. We were at this for quite a while till I felt myself cumming…gripped her ass tight and relieved myself. #Bliss…Salewa laughed and buried her face on my neck..and I kept thinking *I just fucked in a Zoo, like seriously?

“You are really crazy” She said as she got off me and started getting her clothes back on.

“You started it” I laughed as she hit me on the head.

Cleaned up, got dressed and started the long walk back. Got to the Lion’s cage and started thinking *Bros, you better behave*

“What are you doing next wkend?” Salewa asked.

Nothing really, anything in mind”

“Well my friends are having a sleepover @ my place..not sure yet but would buzz you”


Sleepover ke..heheheheh I like am pass my papa. Spent about an hour more at the Zoo, I was calm now. Then we hugged and said our goodbyes. I took a bike straight to Dayo’s palce cuz that where I’ll be crashing  tonight. Was a bit tired when I got there, knocked and entered.

“Mayo baba!” D usual greetin “where you dey come from?”

“Guy na from Zoo oo” as I fell on d bed.


To be continued…..

Written by Bass (Twitter – @bass_ige)

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  1. I just read this and i feel like having sex….where is my wife oooooooo!!! Oga needs your honeypot

  2. I just finished reading your article. iTS LOVELY BUT THE SEX PART was just cut short. Though it was interesting but i dont see reason why u dont want to tell us how the dick penetrated the pussy and how many times did they thrust. You just limited it like we are kids. abeg i dont want that o. dont make us quarell. issorai.

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