Thought it was funny, it wasn’t. I never liked the thought of her getting angry at me but then again, I have never been perfect. I scrolled down at the BBM (blackberry messenger) contacts again just to confirm she had actually deleted me.

It was true, I could no longer find Temi on my list. I sighed and dialed up her number, rang for a few seconds and the call ended. What was I to do? I picked up my jacket and started out of the office, stupid job that had gotten me so busy in the first place to pay attention to her wasn’t even paying me well. Took the stairs on my way down, the stern look on my face must have been really something because I saw Aisha the front desk Receptionist attempt to open her mouth and say something probably greet me but she stopped half-way.

I stepped out into the cold evening, the rain had stopped a few minutes ago but the wind blowing around wasn’t yet human friendly. I wasn’t bothered, Temi worked at a computer firm a few blocks away. She was having her I.T there, I walked over there in silence. Everything else was blurred out. A few minutes and I was walking to the company complex, her office was on the ground floor and after saying hi/hello to the guard by the door, I made straight for it.

After rapping two knocks on the door, I stepped in. It was empty, common sense was telling me to go back outside and wait for her but then again I wasn’t really enjoying a good relationship with common sense at the moment. I stood and looked around. There was two desk, one for Temi and the other was for Bimbo her co-worker who also wasn’t in. I heaved and put my hands in my pocket and turned back. I had taken two steps towards the door when it opened and she stepped in. From the sight of her hair, I was done for. Her blouse was doing a pretty lousy job of hiding her lovely cleavage, the top button was undone and even though she had heels on, my 6ft3 height gave me ample advantage. She had on a skirt that stopped a few inches above her knees.

What are you doing here?’ Her voice brought me back alive.

So so sorry but I had to see you, you deleted me off your BBM and you weren’t picking my calls’. I moved closer to her and my face was looking downwards right at her cleavage and I could feel my dick rising.

I don’t want to talk to you, we have nothing to talk about’, Was her blunt reply.

But I miss you, I couldn’t think straight when I couldn’t reach you’, I moved even closer and directly in front of her now.

You miss me and yet you constantly forgot about me

I never forgot about you, work has been taking much of my time and you wouldn’t understand!’, I felt my voice rise.

Don’t shout at me

I am sorry’, I watched her sigh and her cleavage rise. I couldn’t take this anymore. I grabbed her and hugged her, making sure she could feel my erection. One of my hands had already gone down to her ass and was trailing up her skirt.

No! Leave me alone!’ That was intended to be screaming but came out as a muffled sound with her face pressed against my chest. I knew I had to be fast, I took my face down and buried it by her neck, and her lovely scent hit my nose. I kissed her neck and started up a trail with my tongue, right from her neck to her earlobes.‘We can’t…..Juliet…..

That was more or less a moan from her. I could feel her hands wrap around my neck as I fully grabbed her ass. I squeezed and let my hands hike her skirt up. I turned her around, had her ass fully up against my erection.One hand was undoing her blouse buttons, the other hands was going right underneath her skirt, I could feel her warmth. I kept on kissing her neck, my hand could feel her panties. Who wears a G-string to work? I didn’t ask, I just slid a finger into her. I felt her jerk backwards and rub her ass even more on my aching dick. I started probing deeper into her and her moaning started getting a bit louder. I squeezed her boobs even more and placed a nipple between my fingers as it went fully erect.

I start finger-fucking her steady. One of her hands had found its way to my belt buckle and was busy at work with it. She wasn’t steady and her hands kept shaking at it. I wanted to be so deep in her and fuck her anger out. I dropped my hand off her boobs and went straight to the helms of her skirt and pulled it fully to her waist and bent her over. She needed no second invitation as she held onto the edge of her desk.

I pulled my buckle off and allowed my raging dick out. I looked down at her ass, her heels had given her some really good positioning. I stopped thinking and plunged straight into her, she was so wet I didn’t feel anything until my pelvis hit her ass and she cried out. I started thrusting in and out of her, keeping up a steady pace, her pussy took all of me and my dick took full advantage. I raise her up till my mouth was by her ears, had one hand holding onto her hips while the other was in front on her boobs.

I started hitting her faster n harder..‘I can’t let you go, your pussy is’…….I didn’t know when I whispered these words into her ears.‘Just shut up and fuck that pussy like you own it’, was the curt reply. That drove me really crazy. I started pounding her harder and the desk started feeling her weight.. I spanked her ass and bit her earlobes. I wanted more, more and more. I pulled out of her and turned her around, now facing me, I kissed her fully on the mouth. Grabbed her ass and jacked her up, made her sit on the desk. I parted her leg and started to kneel down when I heard.‘What are you doing? Juliet would be back soon’I behaved like I didn’t hear her, I grabbed her thighs and pulled her closer to me till her pussy was directly in front of my face. Before she could bring up any further exception, I buried my mouth on her wet cunt. I heard a whimper and the desk shake as I slid my pussy lips and began to roll around her pussy walls. I felt a hand on my head and knew I was in trouble. I began to eat her pussy clean, I wanted everything and more.

The hand on my head scratched and aided the thighs in locking my head in place. I could feel the thighs covering my ears vibrating and I knew an avalanche was coming and I was ready for it. I brought my tongue out and started lapping at her clits. I heard her cry out and tasted her cum as it started dripping out. I stood up before it was over and went in between her legs..I started rubbing my dick on her clits as she was still dripping, bent down and had a nipple in my mouth. I knew her pussy was calling my dick and I obliged, I went in straight deep into her and started fucking the daylights out of her. Her moans were pretty much loud and I was pretty sure she didn’t give a rat’s ass about where we were anymore.

Her moans and hands on my back brought me faster to the brink and I knew I was about to fall off. I didn’t care, I wanted to fall. I grabbed her ass and pulled her close and tight as I began to spill all into her. I buried my face by her neck as it went out of me, now my senses were back from vacation and I looked up in time to see Juliet poke her head into the office and smile. A few seconds and she was gone. I don’t know if Temi saw and really I also didn’t give a fuck.I moved away from Temi and started getting my stuffs back in place while my eyes started scanning round the office.‘What are you looking for?’ Temi asked as she was pulling her skirt back down.‘Your phone!!!

Written by BASS  www.olumi007.wordpress.com

Quote – “I don’t know the question, but sex is definitely the answer.”― Woody Allen

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