Her Diary : Funniest Call Record With Boo

Her Diary: Boo & I

My relationship with Boo can be very funny at times. As much as I like his person and the idea of his personality around my person, he can be very annoying. I mean really really annoying.

If you are reading this, then you are reading my daily thoughts – I’m not quite sure if this is fiction or not but I know it is someone’s reality. I also won’t say this will be updated daily, monthly or weekly but I can tell you it is now a thing. So enjoy and share your experience too (in the comment section), as it relates whatever you see updated.Dennis (Boo) and I have been together for quite a while now (well, adding the unofficial days *wink*).We both have many admirers on social media. I’m sure we both meet the criteria for Facebook celebrities (LOL, people are pathetic though).We are both slayers!He is handsome! I’m beautiful!He is intelligent! I’m just a lady!He is nerdy and loves to read. I read when I want to and a smart ass too but not nerdy.He writes! I put down words. (There is a difference my people)He is tall, I’m average.We have a lot in common.We do not have a lot in common.***

On the 16th of July 2015, I sent Dennis a message on Facebook. Get your head straight please, it was a very official message. I got a job to handle the social media section of an Art and Luxury lifestyle magazine, so I wanted to get ideas from him. From what I had seen on his profile and activities on social media, it was clear to me that he had more experience in that field. I later understood that the niche he covered for the Magazine he works for was way different from the one I was handling. I picked up few ideas from him while we started a friendship.

I mean, this guy is just handsome. I know there is more to a man than his looks and all but looks matter a lot to me biko. I have to be satisfied with the exterior before finding out if the interior is worth the exterior.Anyway, 17months down the road, we are an item. Now I do not know where this itemization will lead. All I know is, we are working it out. He is annoying like I said, I can be annoying too, so why don’t we keep annoying each other? We shall see where this leads…Fast forward to today (I cannot possibly tell you all that have happened in 17months na), we had the funniest call record.I woke up today to see his missed call. I knew he’d call me on his way to work this morning or when he gets to work since he missed my calls last night.Have I told you Boo can sleep for Africa? Well, that’s what he tells me. Sometimes, I feel he’s with another woman sef but I don’t let the thought stay long. I mean, who has time to be dwelling on headache? And hey! Do not blame me too. With the level of fuck-boys and Yoruba demons in the society, I have earned the right to be paranoid. Duuuh!I returned the call this morning but he did not pick. I was happy because that simply meant that I had saved my call credits. LoooolI stepped out to battle my generator at about 10am. It refused to come on last night and I needed to get a repairer if I will be doing anything meaningful on my system for the day. Don’t even ask me of PHCN!After battling the Gen and spending some money (still painful), I came back in at about 11am to see 3 missed calls from Boo.Sigh*I picked up my phone, called again, twice this time, but he didn’t pick. LOL I guess today is going to be a day full of missed calls.I went on with the day’s chores. Fixed my brunch, ate, basically, carried on with my daily activities. Stepped out for a bit to get a drink then came back to another missed call from Boo.I called back but he didn’t pick. Now this is no longer funny. LooolI continued with my activities, hanged my phone around me, so as not to miss his call again. I need to save this credit.I’m even more money paranoid than MMM members as it stands now.Finally, at about 5pm, his call came in and we spoke.Boo – Since morning!Me – didn’t you see my missed calls?Boo – didn’t you see my missed calls?Me – Ahn ahnBoo – Ok, I didn’t mean it that way.Me – how do you mean it?Boo – my ‘since morning’ actually meant that we have been missing each other’s call since morning and haven’t spoken.Me: oh ok.Boo – How are you?***I actually started laughing after the call. So I’m wondering, what if Boo got angry when I asked him if he didn’t see my missed call? There are men who would feel insulted and disrespected because of something that should be laughed off or a very simple explanation. They feel it’s their right to be understood while they lack understanding. They want explanations while they cannot bring themselves down to explain anything to their lady.I probably shouldn’t have asked him if he didn’t see my missed calls. I was actually angry at him from not seeing him all through the weekend, so I semi snapped. But his sweet self, handled me nicely. Most men won’t do this. They’d get angry and expect a written apology.We are not perfect, but how we settle our differences can be very sweet.Learn to tolerate and understand your partner. Never let a tiny bit of misunderstanding ruin the little good time you get to spend together or pull you apart.Like I said, Dennis can be very annoying, I can be too. But we are working us out. Let’s see how this goes.See you whenever!

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  1. I sense someone is proud of her Boo ?, I hope u guys work it out always, make sure u return “this favor ” because there might be a time that you’d be the one to handle such situations. I pray u handle it like he did today!

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