Dummies Guide for men who don’t know how to treat a woman

Dummies Guide for men who don’t know how to treat a woman

Stay with me closely on this one because we are not here to joke. Sometimes I wonder how difficult it can really be to treat a fellow human being right. I have thought hard and long about it and I have come to the conclusion that it has to be one of two things – either lack of self-love or a product of bad societal upbringing… Or perhaps a mixture of both. However, there are people who genuinely do not know, so I am here to help. Below are easy steps to treat your woman right.

Treat her like a human being ‘with extra’

The extra is that ‘spoiling silly’ which comes with loving a person in a special way. I want to assume you know to treat people around you with love and care. Now apply that with a touch of extra. Go out of your way to make her smile.

Be thoughtful and sensitive

I don’t know anyone who doesn’t appreciate thoughtfulness. I have seen men make comments such as – ‘we are not magicians to know what you want; women need to say these things’. But I put it to you today that the heart grows fonder on thoughtful gestures. Don’t wait until she says them or out rightly demands. This is not hard if you truly care about her and are out to make her smile always. Pick up conscious and unconscious signals. It might take a while but generally, it’s not rocket science.

Compliment her

I am one of those ladies who gets tired of being told how beautiful I look. However, I can never get tired of hearing it from the one person I love or the one person I really want to hear it from. Notice the little things – hair, makeup, shoes, earrings, styling. Don’t ever stop. Also, make sure they are sincere.

Image source – loveletterstotheblackwoman.com

Listen & Communicate

Very often men don’t take the thoughts and opinion of their woman seriously. They are dismissive and talk over the conversation sometimes. They are more concerned with hooking up with you than listening to what you have to say. This is absolutely wrong as a woman craves and deserves attention. She wants to know that you care about her entirety – Her career, friends, opinions, emotions, fear, ambitions and all. I mean, how can you even begin to be thoughtful and sensitive if you don’t listen, contribute and communicate?

Respect her

Respecting her means respecting yourself as well. Respect her dignity. Respect her in her presence and even behind her. A man who respects his woman would never cheat on her. You would never make her look foolish in the eyes of some people when she tries to brag about your love. Respect her decisions. Respect her needs. Respect her wants. Respect her body. Respect her opinions. Respect the ground she walks on. Respect her decision to be with you. The level of respect you have for your woman will be evident in the way to treat and communicate with her and about her.

All that pretty sums it all up.

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