YouTube is used to share great contents and information about products, services and events, as well as showcase skills like dancing, singing, cooking, and the likes. There are several helpful and relevant content on YouTube, covering various topics. For this post, our focus is on 5 interesting YouTube content on relationship. So are you looking for where to get the best relationship advice on YouTube, check the content below:

Jay Shetty’s Best Relationship Advice Ever

The best things we need and want in life, including the things that we find genuinely fulfilling, all require patience, effort and endless commitments. According to Jay Shetty, an Indian author, Vlogger, motivational speaker, who is known as one of the best relationship experts, “the challenge is we all want to be with someone who makes us happy when what we need is to make ourselves happy.”

This video is an eye-opener to some wrong things that couples do while in a relationship and some hurtful things done to each other when fighting.

How to Not Lose One’s Self in a Relationship

It is no longer news that for a person to love another, they must first love themselves because a person can only love another to the extent at which they love themselves.

A relationship dramatically affects a person’s life, and even if it doesn’t end in marriage, it should be recorded that everyone left with their dignity intact.

Lisa Nichols, a celebrated motivational speaker and YouTuber, helps to analyse how you can pay attention to your personal needs and the things you want from your partner and still be there for them. In her opinion, it is better to voice out your mind as your partner is not a mind reader, and if you’re not asking for the things you want, it’ll come out as complaint.

To understand the concept of communication and self-love while in a relationship, this video should top your list.

10 Early Signs of a Toxic Relationship

The ability to know and recognise the early signs that a relationship is going to be bad and probably end in heartbreak cannot be overemphasised. When you begin to notice some red flags in your relationships, then you know it’s time to go or end things just to avoid stories that touch.

It is very reasonable if a relationship doesn’t grow; it doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re doing something wrong. In many cases, some people in a relationship are not just compatible and even many more enter into a relationship for all the reasons in the whole world except the significant ones like physical attraction and deep feelings most people call love.

This video uploaded by “BRIGHT SIDE” helps couples to understand some things that might be going wrong in their relationships.

The BEST Relationship Advice Ever

According to Stephan Labossiere popularly known as Stephan Speaks on his YouTube channel, in his words “a lot of people are getting into toxic and wrong relationships and trying to navigate the space between them with walls up”. This relationship video is a must-watch by the dating expert, coach and author. It is one of the best relationship advice you’ll hear if you desire a happy and successful relationship. The goal of the video is to make relationship easier for couples and give clarity to couples having insecurities in their relationships.

Skills for Healthy Romantic Relationships

When it comes to a healthy relationship, many people, including couples, have no clue what it’s all about and how they can attain and get to a specific stage.

While everyone does unhealthy things, sometimes, we can all learn to love better by recognising unhealthy signs that make our relationships toxic and painful in many situations.

Joanne Davila, a Professor of Psychology, a renowned author and expert on young women’s romantic relationships, gives a vivid and comprehensive speech on the mistakes couples make and ways in which they can be taught the art of having healthy relationships.

She also describes how couples can create things that lead to healthy relationships and reduce things that lead to unhealthy relationships using the evident skills like insight, mutuality, and emotion regulation. This TED video is a must-watch for every person that wants a healthy relationship.

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