Spoken Word: Up Nepa by Iyanu Adebiyi

Spoken Word: Up Nepa by Iyanu Adebiyi elsieisy blog

I know I am late to the party as this spoken word video was released on the 1st of October by the beautiful Nigerian Spoken Word Artist, Iyanu Adebiyi, to commemorate Nigeria’s Independence Day. But after watching the video, I believe its never late to share this one.Spoken Word: Up Nepa by Iyanu Adebiyi elsieisy blogIt’s a 4mins short film of poetry written and performed by Iyanu Adebiyi with the help of friends and other casts.Beyond the title – Up Nepa and the fact that we can relate with every word spoken, there is a new and deep meaning given to every Nigerian favorite and not so pleasant words – Up Nepa, in this powerful piece.Do watch and please share.Embedded is the Youtube and Facebook video below:

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  1. Up Nepa is the story of Nigeria. A great awakening and calls to all Nigerians to rise up and stand for Nigeria. I believe there is going to be a revival in our land.

  2. It’s cool when we keep reminding ourselves that our emancipation is a function of our individual conscious effort.

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