Do you think my girlfriend is cheating on me with her cousin?

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We had a conversation one day and she had to give me her Facebook password to confirm, so I went on her facebook and she immediately deleted her chat with her cousin, I noticed what she did and it felt weird so I asked her why she deleted the chat and she said it was a mistake and that she wanted to delete something else. I had to let it go but then I couldn’t get my mind off it. I am always angry each time I remember what she did.

Few months after, she travelled and forgot some documents at home so she told me she would call her cousin to bring it over since he was travelling too and he will pass where she was, I said ok but to my Surprise the cousin didn’t get to her place until late at night so he slept over in her house, just the two of them. I wasn’t able to reach her all night until the next morning and she told me her phones were off due to flat battery. It sounded really weird but I kept quiet, though I confronted her about it and she denied it but I feel something is up and her cousin is always having her on his display picture. Do you think they are cheating or is it just me being an ass? Is there a way to find thing out. Your advice is much needed.


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  1. U shuld never rule out the fact that there’re cousins who sleep wit each other n again u might be wrong. Jst thread carefully n observe well. Remember opolo eye no be open eye.

  2. Dnt jump into conclusion yet.still find out if dey r actually cousins first.u can ask her sis or bro.then u can act on wat eva it is u found

  3. Guilty until proven innocent they say right? First of all find out if they r related and if they r and u think she’s sleeping with her cousin, u can still do some snooping around. Go through her msgs, go to her crib uninvited, read her mails and etc even tho doing so ain’t gonna be pleasant

  4. I have a cousin that I am extremely close to. We hang out, call ourselves ‘baby’ and all that. Before he got married, his wife was not comfy with how close we were until she did her research and was convinced. My exes always had something to say concerning our closeness. It was always funny to me. Girls like having older brothers and when they don’t have biological ones, they settle for relatives or friends. My advice is, do a thorough research and be sure. Don’t break ur relationship for something that might be nothing.

  5. Dude face reality, she is screwing her ‘cousin’ badly. I have a favourite cousin too but they are limitations to things.

  6. Dude face reality, she is screwing her ‘cousin’ badly. I have a favourite cousin too but there are limitations to which things go. Man up to her and boldly confront her about what you feel cos when you leave certain doubts lingering in your thoughts, it affects the growth of the relationship, and if you aren’t concern about the growth of your relationship, then its not worth going into…. But get your mind set for the strangest of response(s) from her when u do question her.

  7. I also have cousins and we av our limitations 2 things…jst follow ur guts..been in a similar situation and found out I ws right…jst confirm if they are really cousins.

  8. You could always investigate. U must not log into her facebook account to do ur investigations. Speak to her family members, ask her to call her cousin, hang out with them both and make ur observations. Those little guilty twitches and eye batting cannot stay hidden for two hours. One mistake you’ll make is to jump into conclusions either way, it could bite u hard in d ass.

  9. I just want to know one thing, will you come back to tell us what you found out after your investigation, because I would feel exasperated without the entire story. With that said, here are my thoughts…Chances are she is either cheating or telling “her cousin” stuff about you, that is either nasty, so she is worried you will feel less than a man if she tells you.But once your instincts tell you something is wrong, my brother, something is SERIOUSLY wrong!

  10. Remember that song… You tell he be your cousin’s cousin… He be like say you think say I be Gorilla *in Blackface’s voice… Something is not right.. don’t assume, ask and if she can’t break it down… collect your winning check and walk away make emotion no go ruin your young life

  11. hmmm,there is no trust,just try and find out,you shouldn’t have asked for the facebook password,they will be more careful if something is going on.

  12. Guy dont love too deep and stop making her ur no.1 priority…make sure bringing back the chibok girls is more important on ur mind than the thought of her with her cousin cos with the looks of things u may end up having hypertension for a girl who doesnt care

  13. Question is, can their relationship as cousins be traced to home? Are they really cousins?

  14. I think there is a problem of communication here. We cannot conclude that your girlfriend is cheating. Confront your girlfriend with your worries, fears and suspicions. Both of you should be able to talk about it as adults. Then ask her to make her relationship with her cousin a bit more transparent if you don’t feel comfortable with it..effective communication is the key to resolving this issue.

  15. Guy u dey dull men oooh, ur babe just dey brain u with dis old cousin story and u dey reason her. D interim cousin go continue to help u grease d engine, while u go dey fuel d car.

  16. I’m in the same situation and it none there are quote and quote he 40 she 25 so I bug her phone with a spy app that allows u to record remote and when I indeed recorded while they were there alone I heard moaning sounds I didn’t hear him but heard her I confronting her she heard the moans and then said she was probably dreaming I’m still with her cause I want to believe her but once u find something out the question is do u really want to find out

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