5 Reasons Why You Should Never Ask Your Partner About Their Body Count

5 Reasons Why You Should Never Ask Your Partner About Their Body Count - elsieisy blog


I have gotten emails from my darling Elsians saying they have missed my writing and opinion on Relationship and Lifestyle matters and I am deeply sorry. Not that I have not been doing anything or being lazy. The thing is, I have a radio program where we discuss those issues instead of writing them and I put in so much energy into creating new content – Topics, discussions around it and also tracking my guests and making sure they are comfortable expressing themselves freely on the very blunt program – Crux of the Matter.

But hey, I have a solution for my unforgiveable lapses on this blog. The things I do are linked, very linked. So moving forward, I will try to create articles around my opinion relating to the discussion we’ve had on radio and also come up with fresh tips and opinion for the blog. So can we kiss and make up already? LOL

Thank you all so much


Body count is basically the number of people you have had sexual intercourse with in your sexual career life. It’s something I have dealt with on one of my podcasts (Click here to listen). Discussions around Body Count gets reactions and emotions running wild with some (guys majorly), claiming it is right to ask a partner of his or her body count while some (Majorly Ladies), claims there is no point asking body count.

From the above information, there is only one thing to deduce – Great number of women are not owning their sexuality yet. Forget about Feminism, forget about gender equality, forget about being liberal, etc. Most women would rather withhold their body count information, not because they would not want to tell, but because you and I know what follows after that.

So until we get to the level of being sexually equal and owning our sexuality as women, here are 5 Reasons Why You Should Never Ask Your Partner About Their Body Count

Your past is supposed to be over!

Take that religiously or not, it doesn’t erase the fact that in a relationship, a real relationship, your partner’s sexual past does not matter except that sexual past begins to hinder the present and the future. At that point, the doctor steps in to do the asking. Are you a Doctor? If yes then not to your partner biko.

Assumption and doubt

If you date a woman like me, I will not lie to you about my body count but I definitely will not honour you with a response *in Omawumi’s voice*. Now tell me, how will that make you feel? You begin to think I do not trust you enough – doubt, or you start assumption? Doubt and assumption are two dangerous ingredient not to be seen in your soup of love.

You will never really believe it

Let’s face it. There is this saying which I have confirmed, that people go by over and over again and even on my radio program – when a lady tells you her body count, multiply it by 3 and when a guy tells you, divide it by 3. This is out of the idea that a lady will always lie about her body count and a man will always inflate the number. And I beg to ask, who body count don epp? Why ask if you will not believe whatever answer you get? What’s the point of going to harvest when there is clearly nothing to harvest? Think about it

You are not all that liberal please!

A caller on my show last Friday said something about a woman understanding her man and knowing if he is liberal enough. I tried to make him understand that sex is a different ball game for men as they like to own but he maintained that if a woman does not know how liberal her man is, then there is a problem. I had to let it slide because we were live on air. However, now that I am on my playground, I can yarn…LOL

No matter how liberal a man or woman claim to be, you cannot be liberal in all matters of life. There will definitely be something you cannot imagine being liberal about and those things can be very personal. We are all humans and we cannot be totally perfect. Its important to note that relationships are made up of two imperfect human beings coming together to create a perfect union. So, NO! most people are not liberal when it comes to sexual matters. You may be, I may be, but millions of people out there are not. It is however, advised that you thread with wisdom and caution, thereby, considering the consequences of your words and actions because you will always bear them alone.

So no, be you liberal or not, do not ask, there is a deep part of you that you don’t know and I bet hearing the figure – 50, will awaken that part. Thank me later

You genuinely care about your partner

If you genuinely care about your partner, then all I have mentioned above should stop you from asking such questions. I mean, all that should matter is the person you are with now and not the person he or she was in the past, you should leave no room for doubt or put your partner in a position where he or she needs to lie to save face because you will not believe it and no, you are not liberal, don’t tell me that. Rather, focus on making your partner very happy and being the best he or she will ever have.

Try be the last figure…or not!

Image source – huffingtonpost.com

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  1. I don’t understand why some people think this body count is absolutely necessary. Like when you finally get that information,how does it help you and your relationship biko!!

  2. God bless you Elsie! God bless you! You couldn’t have said it better!I’ll like to be on crux of the matter in the nearest future

  3. knowing about a partners body count wont undo what has been done. Just keep mute about it and have peace of mind as well as a lovely night rest

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