Dear Ola

#5DaysToVals - Write & Win (2)

#5DaysToVals Contest Entry – Submitted by Chinua Ohaeto

Dear Ola,

Don’t close your eyes tonight,

I will save this line for you

Even if these walls break down

I will comfort you I will be there for you

Don’t close your eyes tonight

Let us watch the dawn of tomorrow

You and I sitting here till the dawn of Val

Let us know Love like always

For that is what Val is all about.

Ola, you are my Val.

Just look at the stars coming out tonight

They are lining up and shining for you

As I have written you down

In my heart, you will stay there forever

For forever has no end,

Ola, you know

Your voice tingles

Every bit of emotions in me

Your touch brings down

The monuments in my heart leaving them spattered

On your mat of beauty and affection

Even as you have not touched me yet,

We will walk the streets

With passersby waving envy

At your swift steps at my pride

For you walk like a princess born before birth

You shine like the Shekeleke bird

Seen at the dusk of each day,

Kiss me for your lips taste better than taste

Your breasts I glimpse in your cleavage

Yell succulent, succulent, succulent

And ready for my touches

Make me feel like a child,

I can write you poems and more

Telling the world how tender

How most treasured, how most

Beautiful you are.

Ola, you are my Val.

Let us walk life

Even in our doubts and contrite heart

Let us wash under the rain

Like children carefree with only pants on

Let us forget how old we have grown

Let us dance under the rain of love.

Bring your head upon my chest

Can you feel my heart beat?

How do you feel each beat call your name?

You are my book, a story

The money treasured by a miser

The gold hidden by a pirate

The chests pumped by a macho

You are my poem, song and love

You are my muse in the dawn of Val

And I will show you how beautiful love is

Like a man who is a poet.

Ola, you are not a half-read book

Let us merge thoughts, for love

Is a language and a course

Let our breath undress our thoughts,

Feelings abound in unlimited boundary

You are not a half-read book,

I know you are woman enough

And I am man enough

Let us show how enough we are

You are my woman-dela; I your man-dela

I am a lover with a bag pack of emotions,

You are a drawn rainbow in the heart of turmoil

The sweet fast bud only felt in the heart

The beat that beats around the mind

Let us, you and me, merge thoughts

The song of you and me

You are a yield in a season of love

Let us walk hand in hand

Through this night with its moon

Let us dance, soul to soul

With the stars and its shadows

Let us walk through this night

As today will dawns tomorrow for

You are my Val.

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