#CruxoftheMatterwithElsie: Guys Don’t Remember Their One Time Sexual Partners – Vivien Adaezee

Introducing Crux Of The Matter - With Elsie

Hello!Last Friday on radio was fun! We talked Body Count and my beautiful guest – Vivien Adaeze was good company. Big shout-out to our listeners and callers. The calls were so much that we could not take them all and we took less SMS. Well, don’t be surprised, its body count, we get emotional when it comes to issues like that and its Crux of the Matter :DListen to the recorded version of the program below and remember to share your opinion on the program or the topic using the comment box or sending an email to elsieisy@gmail.comDo not forget to join us this Friday on Crux of the matter on Happenings Radio as we host The Highly influential Nigerian Digital Marketer – TweetOracle.Crux of the matter with Elsie on Happenings Radio

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  1. I don’t think the body count thingy is really necessary. Like seriously,why would my boyfriend want to know my body count?. If what use is that informantion to him?…

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