Blog Festival | Subconscious-Reality | by Babatomiwa Seriki

A curious mind troubled on and on about life and the episodes that cling onto it. The thoughts transcended into a string of inexplicable events as he lost his consciousness to sleep.

His dream led him to a narrow bridge that crossed over a sea of pikes; he looked in all directions but the outworn rope bridge was his only passage. He urged a step but was compelled backwards by its almost collapsing frame and in his moment of fright, a comforting voice spoke from behind – a not so clear image of a man beyond his prime with a staff that assisted his aged stance. The old man reached for the dreamer’s hand and walked him past the narrow bridge to an expanse that stretched beyond the horizon.

They walked past a still body of water so peaceful and quiet one hardly notices its presence, few steps ahead and loud claps like water falling off a cliff took over the once gentle nature of the water. The sound became so loud that the dreamer screamed” how come a gentle body of water makes such a loud thrust? “The old man replied “patience, for the answer you seek lies ahead.”

Their journey led them to a field of roses that spread far and wide, the dreamer ran towards the field to have a feel of its beauty and fragrance but then he was cut deep by thorns hanging beneath the attractive flower, “how come a beauty as this can cause so much arm? ” the old man replied “patience, for the answer you seek lies ahead.”

They followed a path that led to a heap of dead bodies and standing beside this pile was a dog; a toothless dog and a long queue of people. The first person stepped towards the adorable creature and treated the animal with care; no sooner had the person turned his back than the dog chased and attacked the man till he bled and fell on the mass of bodies. Then the next man on the queue repeated the same and this went on and on. The dreamer was muddled and asked “how would a toothless dog bite?” the old man replied “patience, for the answer you seek lies ahead”

They moved ahead and there appeared a race track. The dreamer finally found something that appealed to his intelligence; the race track had runners racing to the finish line but yet another moment of conflicting ideology; some made their way so fast but fell to the tracks before the end, some moved at a reasonable pace and made it to the end. “Don’t fast runners make the best runners?” He asked the old man then he replied “patience, for the answer you seek lies ahead”

They passed by several scenarios until they came to their final stop. An aged woman in a fighting ring fought against a great crowd of sturdy men and defeated each and every one of them. The defeated faced the dread of a larger opponent; a fierce huge figure with a blade in hand who also struck down everyone that dared to face him, “come with me my son, “the old man said.

He followed the old man to a tree and they both sat as he explained the events that took place in the course of their journey.

“Life is like a still water, as gentle as it may seem, it makes the loudest noise. The still nature is its deception to mislead the unwise, to abore all kinds of falsehood, to lead astray the unguided, and the loud clap is a warning to those who listen, does who wish to follow the right path and those who seek guidance from the most high. Man favors the silence over the noise and wind up misdirected.

“The field of roses is one’s perception of the world. You didn’t notice the thorns because you failed to look beyond the glamour. Man is misled by the glamour of the world so much he forgets his purpose in life. He unwisely trails the deception until he is cut by the thorns. Seeing beyond the haze comes with a clear vision of our existence which only the wise and guided possess.”Trust is the toothless dog that hurts you when you turn your back. Don’t lay your trust on man for reliance on them might lead you to an inevitable misfortune. “

“Life is like a race. We all have our tracks to run but some race before the appointed time and suffer ill fate. Patience is a virtue the creator of the tracks requires from humans, be patient my son for your desires will be met at the appointed time. “

“The aged woman is old age. No one can defeat old age and the fierce looking opponent is death. We will all lose to death when the time reaches. “

The old man stood up and added “life is uncertain but whatever the Almighty decrees will always be evident, be patient in whatever situation you find yourself in. Don’t hasten beyond your appointed time, there might be danger ahead. Trust in God and he will make a way for you”

The dreamer relapsed in a moody silence for a moment, and then he screamed as the man took his leave ‘but who are you old man?’’ the old man replied ‘’I’m faith. A guide to you in your darkest of days’’

My name is Seriki Habib Babatomiwa and I write the blog, Writing came to me as an avenue to keep my mind busy. A friend suggested I share my thoughts with the world. So here I am, a new blogger on the block.

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