#CruxofthematterwithElsie: More of the Cheating Happens Between the Married Folks – Sally Dadzie

Crux of the matter with Elsie on Happenings Radio

Heads up! My voice was horrible! LOL. I was really sick all through last week but I could not go without my program. Luckily, I got better by Thursday and was able to be at Happenings Radio studio last Friday, so I wasn’t going to miss last Friday because my voice was not sweet na…HABA!

I am in love with the guest I had over last Friday on Crux of the Matter. Sally Kenneth Dadzie is very passionate about the topic we discussed – Why Women Cheat, and she came very prepared. I was impressed, she owned the discussion and knew her facts.

Every man should listen to this episode and I am glad we have the recording here for you. Please listen below and share. This might save someone’s marriage or relationship.

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Do not forget to join us this Friday on Crux of the matter by 9pm on Happenings Radio as we host A feminist and Gender Equality Advocate, Chidi Okereke. You can listen from anywhere in the world

Crux of the matter with Elsie on Happenings radio

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