Lets talk about some annoying things guys do

Lets talk about some annoying things guys do

Barka Da Sallah once again.Lets talk about some annoying things guys do. I am sorry the podcast came up late but at least its here. In the next few weeks, i will be sharing some irksome habits or traits guys exhibit either in a relationship or when considering whether or not to begin a relationship. Now these habits are not just one that suffocates a girl out of the existent relationship, but even in one that is yet to become a relationship, it waters down the interest, making it a case of ‘Moving on’ even when nothing has yet begun.And when this happens, they want to resurrect the spark again….hmmmYou either agree or not, but then, its my opinion.Don’t hesitate to share your opinion in the comment box or send a mail as usual.Click play below. Hulkshare or Mynotjustok.

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  1. Elsie is so excited about the rams. Guys learn your lesson. As for me, i don’t have money to spend on girls cos there will always b somebody that can spend more than you. Girls gravitate towards money. Don’t spend the money you will use to improve yourself on a babe you just want to have fun with and at the end of the day, it is your wife that will come and bear with you after you have squandered your start life capital on them other babes.

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