Children of Instagram and Toyin Aimakhu’s Boobs

Children of Instagram and Toyin Aimakhu’s Boobs - elsieisy blog

I know we all have data enabled phones and also reserve the right to do whatever we wish with our data since we spend so much on having it anyways but the level of stupidity we display behind these gadgets hurts my soul. How can humans be this stupid?

Ok, here is the gist;

Toyin Aimakhu innocently shared the photo below, of her being glammed up for an event on her Instagram page and captioned the photo – getting glammed.

Children of Instagram and Toyin Aimakhu’s Boobs- elsieisy blog

Idiots in the name of fans immediately focused on her boobs and began throwing shades at her.

Right now, all I can seem to ask myself is if these ‘children on Instagram’ were not birthed by a woman or have older women at home.

Sigh* anyways, for those who do not know. Breast sagging, also known as breast ptosis is a natural consequence of aging.

Some influences like pregnancy, breast feeding, body mass and significant weight gain and loss have been identified but one thing remains clear, as a woman, your breast will definitely sag someday. Also, post-menopausal women may experience increased ptosis due to a loss of skin elasticity. With or without children and breast feeding, the degree of sagging for different women differ.

It is also commonly believed that the breast itself offers insufficient support and that wearing a bra prevents sagging which has not been found to be true.

Trying to shame a woman for owning her body and the effects on it from living long – aging, which is what we all pray to do shows how much people type and say things without thinking. They fall behind the idea of whatever they type or say being their opinion while talking rubbish.

You might want to say she had not right to upload them but it’s her body, she took a picture, she loved it and she uploaded it. How does that affect your condition? If you don’t like what you see on her page, it’s her page, why not unfollow?

They are celebrities and we love them but remember they are first humans before a celebrity and have their own lives to live. It’s not their fault that they make money living their life.

So the next time you want to shade anybody for what they post or what they do with their life, think about what you are doing with yours.

And yes, before you shade any woman because of her boobs and other body changes, please understand that you are about to shade your mother whose body has gone through similar changes to birth you.

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  1. Madam Elsie, thanks for the lecture. You are so right and like you rightly said they are celebrities which means they are role models, displaying your boobs or sharing pics that somehow reveal them is not moral at all and unless you are teaching the female gender or the world at large a thing or two about sagging boobs (breast ptosis) really there is no point in you showing us your sagging boobs, celebrity or not. Keep them to yourself, and also they are celebrities and we are their fans and they put their life’s out there so we have every right to analyse and pass on judgements. They made us judges, juries and executioners. Point of correction madam, we are not shading our mothers who have sagging boobs because you don’t see our mothers displaying their sagging boobs shamelessly, not like I commented on her sagging boobs pics.

  2. There are two sides to this issues with a moral dilemma in between. The first part is that Toyin is a woman who is aging and cant cheat nature, the other part is that she is supposed to be a role model who should be wary of her actions and in-actions. The moral dilemma lies with those who are throwing shades at her as they are also human who cant cheat nature and they may also indulge in showing a bit of skin when ever they post on social media. He/she who is without blemish should cast the first stone……….

  3. I actually had to take several looks at this picture before making my comment.Maybe it’s just me but I don’t really see anything wrong with this picture.Her whole body is well-covered and she just showed a little bit of her breasts who knows maybe mistakenly but she still looks decent and okay to me.If I want to be frank, I feel this is just a clear case of hating on poor Toy in.They should leave her alone and let her leave her life.If she is been criticized about this what then can be said about the likes of Cossy and even Maheeda that goes totally naked.Seriously, people need to chill and mind their business.

  4. E no go better for role model. Which of you has never exposed a little cleavage before? Heck, she wasn’t baring breasts at all. She was wearing a bathrobe and if a little skin showed, fine.Those same perverts will comment “wow” if she wears a bikini. I’m looking at the pictire again and wondering, what boobs was on display. Nigerians are just hypocrites.

  5. I wanted to say some mean things about the first person that made a comment, by decided against it. People should just be more respectful and less hypothetical. They would have had nice things to say and ogled the boobs if she had done implants or something.. When did we loose sight of what elegance, natural or beauty is?

  6. Tho I don’t in anyway support trolling or cyber bullying and although I don’t see anything wrong in Toyin’s pictures, honestly I am not in support of any woman who exposes her boobs or any part of her body that is supposed to be covered..yea,I get the flaunt a little a leave the rest to imaginations but some of these people just bare evrything and for the younger ones that sees them as their role models,it’s wrong…it sends the wrong message to these younger ones.

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