Check Out This New Idea to Help Kids Improve Their Vocabulary and Spelling – LexiPlex

Check Out This New Idea to Help Kids Improve Their Vocabulary and Spelling - LexiPlex - elsieisy blog

Hey dearies!

You know how children can now control gadgets from the womb right? I am not ashamed to say a child can control an ipad way better than I can. Biko there is no shame there o. I had my first phone at the age of 15 and it was one small flip Samsung…wait, I think the flip Motorola came first…LOL One of the two though and all we could do then was make calls and send text messages. I am a bit old school in the gadget world. But that is not the aim of this post though.

How about we influence the things our children can access on these awesome gadgets by downloading the right games and application which can aid their learning. I got an email from a professor at the University of South Florida, in Tampa, Florida, Henrick Jeanty, Ph.D, about a game like scrabble being a wonderful way for children and adults to improve their vocabulary and spelling.

Henrick Jeanty teaches Computer Science in the department of computer Science and Engineering and also a software architect.

He came up with great set of games that are based on a similar set of words used by Scrabble. This game, however, allows you to automatically learn things like “what is the only 4-letter word in Scrabble with a ‘Q’ in the 2nd position” or “What is the only 4 letter-word in Scrabble that starts with the letter ‘X'”

The game is fun, addictive, and, interestingly enough, will improve your skills in Scrabble. The best part of games like Scrabble, Crossword Puzzles, and Bogglehave been combined into fun, original game.

Behold: LexiPlex, the game where you put your knowledge to the test by completing puzzles in the most efficient ways possible.

This game is based on an algorithm created over several years by Dr. Henrick Jeanty. It is the first of its kind and has original features you won’t find in other games.

The software is aware of every word in the English language and will automatically fill in words for you if it is the only possible fit in that row or column.

LexiPlex helps you along like no other game will. It will complete parts of the puzzle for you when the solution is otherwise complex. Use this to your advantage, because the less moves you make, the better your score!

* Compete in daily challenges and see if you can make it to the top three players.* Play using unique themes and skins, such as the 8-bit or Candy theme.

* See how high of a score you can get on more than 100 levels!* Play in either portrait of landscape for optimal comfort.

* Improve your vocabulary and spelling skills!* Improve your Scrabble playing ability by adding another way to practice your word forming skills.

So you think your children are  wordy enough opponent for the puzzles? You think you are?

For Android, download HERE and click HERE for IOS users.

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  1. Very very educative.. Lemme save dis page biko.. I’ll need it for ma future kids.. tanx for ds info!

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