A chair has arms and legs,But no character.Similar to that personWho is holdingAnd occupying it. The back of the chair is quite flexible;It can bend at different angles,Only to assist the backless decisions:An outstanding fashion among chair holders. It moves swiftly backward and forward,Left and right:So that s/he does not need to think,And waste time inWhat is wrong, and what right? For convenience’s sakeConscience sacrifices often, andSycophancy amassesNo wonder, rolling stone gathers no moss. Since it came into being,The languid afternoonshave been transformedInto wakeful nightmares.A dream that once came true,Must not slip into other greasy palms. If chair were dogs,S/he wishes s/he could make it, their pets.Alas! It is not faithful,Any opportunist may snatch in no time. Human beings and chairs do not existAs mere neutral objects in space,Both of them find a meaningful relation, andSelfish connection for their existence.

by Amitabh Vikram

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