Blog Festival | Can I Be Loved The Same? | by Mary Otunba

The distance in our hearts kept growing bigger and bigger, it was as if I did not know him anymore. I thought I could bridge the gap between with consistent calls and texts but to no avail. For almost four hours or more, I kept tossing on the bed, I could not close my eyes to sleep because I was in deep thought of him.

It’s so hard, I just needed to find solace somewhere. “Can he at least take me serious for 24hours and then tell me to GO TO HELL?” I said to myself because I was really desperate.

Does he even think of me at all? Maybe he sees me as a burden. Out of 7days in a week, I only get to see him once, thought he would run into my arms to say “I miss you” but No, it never happened! I can’t even get angry, I can’t even end the call and expect that he would call back. No way! It does not even move him anymore. It’s like he is a totally different person. Is it too much to expect to be loved the same?

I wish I could stop loving him, I cry daily for him to give me my heart back because I don’t have one anymore, I wish a day could go by without thinking of him, what happened to those texts I used to get? What happened to the constant visits, the calls, the promises of a happy ever after? What happened? What is still happening???… I wish it could all happen again, all the beautiful times we shared, the songs he sang into my ears and all the promises he made to me.

All these were the words from a very depressed lady I was listening to. She felt she could find solace talking to me. I offered her a shoulder to cry on. I didn’t even have the right words to console her with, I dare not talk out of point. “Father, where do I start from, give me the right words?”

 I cleared my throat and then I said… “Jesus is all the love you need”.

Bio: My name is Mary Otunba. I am a Writer, a Blogger, an Author, a Social Media Strategist, Singer (I sing a lot), very articulate and very fun to be around with. I love creativity and I own a blog

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