How to Turn Your Weaknesses into Strengths

We all have our strengths and weaknesses. It is essential to understand that we can’t be good at everything, and everything can’t always go as we plan or expect. However, having a good sense of positivity could help you achieve your goals and make your dreams come true. This does not suggest that you become a positivity zombie (always positive no matter how negative a situation may seem). Pretending everything is alright would not solve your problems.

There are likely certain weaknesses that you should not ignore but work on. This post is designed to help you with how you can turn your weaknesses into strengths.

Recognise your weakness, don’t reject them

If you keep denying the fact that you are weak, you can never be strong. Admitting this means you can take this weakness into account and find ways of making it strength. A person who keeps insisting that he is perfect won’t move forward. Don’t get mad when people recognise your weakness and point it out to you. It may seem like criticism but see it as “helping criticism,” which you can use to become better.

 Prepare yourself for anything

The best way to work on your weakness is to be adequately prepared for anything and everything. A typical example is when going for a job interview. You know you are qualified for the job and decide not to dig deep into the company’s history or study about the job specification because you fell that you are more than qualified. This is wrong as the interviewer might just pop up a question from the aspect of the company you are ignorant of. So why not prepare? It is important to always prepare.

Get a trusted adviser

It is always advisable you get guidance from someone you trust. You should mostly seek out someone who understands your weaknesses and can help you build it into strengths. It has to be someone who you can withstand criticisms from as there is no better strength than listening to your weaknesses being spelled out to you without a kind of revolt. Ensure you talk to someone, and don’t just keep it inside.

Join a support group

Support groups come in handy when it comes to sharing opinions and fears. You get to meet people with your type of weakness, get to know about them and their weaknesses alongside how you can trash it out and turn it into strength. Support groups are actually the best as feasible solutions are brought out from personal experiences and shared advice.

Put in extra effort

Now, you may consider yourself the best when it comes to carrying out specific tasks or thinking up some ideas. This is actually a great thing, but have you considered putting it more effort? A typical example is a businessman who knows nothing about the mining industry but decides to invest in a mining company. Should he just employ a manager with knowledge and workers with experience to work in his company? No!! He should put in some effort by acquiring knowledge from reading books and discussing it with experts. That way, he is aware of the pros and cons of the business. This also applies to everyday life.  Put in some more effort to learn about your weaknesses and how to turn them into strengths. Then put in more effort to actually follow what you have learnt.

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