Blue Mountain Arts Poetry Contest

Are you a poet looking for a poetry contest to submit your poem? Blue Mountain Arts is currently running its 36th biannual poetry contest. The prizes for the contest are:

1st Prize: $350 

2nd Prize: $200 

3rd Prize: $100        

Also, winning poems will be published on the Blue Mountain Arts website.

The deadline for submission is June 30, 2020.

Like every other contest, this poetry contest also has rules and guidelines to be followed. Please read the following, before submitting your poem.

Poetry Contest Guidelines 

1. The poem could be rhyming or non-rhyming, but they find that non-rhyming poems read better.

2. They suggest that you write about real emotions and feelings that you have. 

3. Poems would be judged on authenticity and uniqueness. 

4. Poems should be written in the English Language only. 

5. You can enter as often as you like. 

Poetry Contest Rules 

1. All entries must be original works of the participant. 

2. All rights of the works submitted must be owned by the participant. 

3. The Author should give permission to the Blue Mountain Arts, Inc. to publish and display on their website if entry wins the poetry contest or is a finalist. 

4. Winners of the contest would be contacted within 45 days after the deadline date.

5. The contest is open to everyone except employees of the Blue Mountain Arts, Inc. 

Submission Guidelines

1. Submit here or if you wish, send a hard copy of your entry to Blue Mountain Arts, Inc. via courier services to: 

Blue Mountain Arts, Poetry Card Contest, 

Editorial Department,

P.O Box 1007,

Boulder, CO 80306, 

2. Do not send them the only entry of your work. 

3. If you want your entry returned after the contest, include a stamped and self-addressed envelope. 

4. Enclose your entry with your name, email address, mail address, and phone number. This is necessary.

About Blue Mountain Arts

Poet Susan Polis Schutz and physicist/illustrator Stephen Schutz founded Blue Mountain Arts in 1971. Idealistic and very much in love, the couple had left the busy East Coast in search of a new life in Colorado. In the basement of their Boulder apartment, they silk-screened posters of Susan’s poems paired with Stephen’s paintings and then travelled the country selling the posters from their pickup-truck camper. Everywhere they went, people were drawn to the candour and emotion of Susan’s words and to the mystical beauty of Stephen’s illustrations. What began as a way for Susan and Stephen to spend their time together doing something they loved quickly became a publishing phenomenon.

Today, Susan and Stephen are widely hailed as the bestselling poet-artist team in the world, with Susan’s book To My Daughter with Love on the Important Things in Life, illustrated by Stephen, having sold over 1.8 million copies. Blue Mountain Arts continues to be at the creative forefront of personal expression—a thriving, international publisher with strong product recognition and a loyal following. Blue Mountain Arts’ cards, books, and other products have been translated into many languages, including Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, French, Dutch, Hebrew, Finnish, Hungarian, Polish, German, and Portuguese.

Susan and Stephen credit much of the company’s success to the fact that it has never strayed from the principles and beliefs on which it was founded. The warm, communicative style, dense inks, rich colours, and beautiful papers that distinguished the very first Blue Mountain Arts products continue today to make them standouts in the marketplace, filling a very unique and necessary need… that of helping people communicate their feelings and connect with the special people in their lives. 

For more information about this poetry contest, kindly visit

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