Timaya Thanks God He Doesn’t Do A 9-5 Job, Kini Big Deal?

Timaya Thanks God He Doesn't Do A 9-5 Job, Kini Big Deal?

Social media has its advantages, advantages too numerous to let go but the stupidity affiliated to social media is becoming very annoying. People don’t even know what to dwell on any more.

You have the media fueling flames at all cost just to produce fire and then we have the set of misguided individuals who feel people who have worked had enough to be who they are today owe them some kind of homage for their stupidity. It baffles shit out of me.

Its high time you understand that this stars and celebrity or whoever you look up to have had (and are still having) their own fair share of struggle. They stayed true and God has blessed the works of their hands. It doesn’t mean you cant also be blessed, it just means we will all get what we deserve at the right time.

I am pressing p this noon because….TIMAYA!

Yes o! Timaya!


Bikonu, kini big deal? What exactly is the big deal? why can’t you people just allow people like him to drink water and drop cup. What exactly is wrong with him thanking God for not doing a 9-5 job or 8-6 job? Cant a nigga just express his gratitude and then we all move on? Why this level of joblessness? Because if you are not sure jobless, you wont dwell on things that shouldn’t be minded.

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I really think Buhari should at least start fulfilling his campaign promises, some of these people might have actually gotten a job if he has.

Again i blame Linda Ikeji for paying attention to ‘nansense’!

So if i say i thank God my work time is flexible, some people will hit their head on the wall? This is the same way they will go after Linda if she puts up a post on Instagram saying, ‘I thank God i don’t have to leave my house to earn Millions’

Stop drinking panadol when there is no headache, he did not insult you, he only expressed himself. He didn’t say he doesn’t have a job either, it only means that he gets to dictate what he does with him time and trust me when i say that freedom doesn’t come always because as a Timaya he has to deliver in one way or the other. Lets Have Common Sense o! Ori yato mehn!Nigga has sold plantain before so stop beefing his blessing.

You can also put up a post on Instagram saying, ‘I thank God I do a 9-5job and not jobless…LMAO’

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