#Blogfest: 10 Things You Should Know About Ladies And Crushing

#Blogfest: 10 Things You Should Know About Ladies And Crushing

#Blogfest 2:0, Day 16 – #30Dayscountdownto2016

I was having a boring day at the office; you know one of those days when nothing just seems to inspire you, and the countdown to 5 o’clock becomes the next real activity that keeps your mind busy. I was giving up and slightly dozing when I noticed my colleague – Doris – was smiling sheepishly at her phone.You see ehn, Doris is not a typical jovial lady. She is professional to the core and always liked to be on the right side regardless of who or what’s involved. She is an iron lady, not my type for a girlfriend but one I will really appreciate as a friend.Back to my story, I was fascinated by her smiles, and curiosity got the better of me, so I peered.”Why are you smiling at your phone like that?”She snapped out of the euphoria she was basking in and felt a bit embarrassed that she had been carried away.  There was really no need to pretend like nothing was happening, so she opened up.”My crush just liked all my pictures on Instagram” she announced, grinning so wide I almost thought her teeth were flying out of her mouth.I quickly remembered that the same Doris had once told me she was crushing on another colleague of ours in one of the other branches. So I had to remind her, but her answer was even more baffling to me;She said, “This one is my church crush jare…”It then dawned on me that there is a lot more to this crushing of a thing than meets the eye. I had to just make a research; which is why I decided to pen this piece.I did a survey with (never mind the number of ) ladies, and realized the following:1. Ladies typically have two kinds of crushing; SERIOUS CRUSH – the type that gives them butterflies in their tummy whenever the crushee comes in sight (God help you if you fall in this category) and REGULAR CRUSH – the type they get attracted to for particular attributes or skill shown by the crushee.2. Ladies can have as many regular crushes as possible, based on the different traits they admire about them (maybe that’s why Doris had church and office crush) but they are usually restricted to between 1 & 3 major crushes within a two year period.3. Ladies do not necessarily have more than one serious crush at a time, as their focus and energy will be on gaining the attention of that one person per time.4. Just as guys take their time to patiently examine lot of ladies before deciding which to ask out, ladies do same with their crushes. In a situation where a lady seriously admires more than one guy, she also takes her time to sift between them and determines who gets her attention.5. it’s very easy for a lady to stop crushing on a regular crush. This is not wholly about the doing or undoing if the crushee, but according to the ladies I surveyed, it is more about them and how they feel at the particular time.6. When a lady has a serious crush on you, it may never leave. Even if she is dating someone else, she will always have something for you whenever you come in sight. Some ladies get over it, but it takes time – sometimes years.7. A lady can have a crush on you and never be interested in dating you. Some ladies just like the feeling of crushing, they don’t harbour the desire to explore that feeling.8. Crushing on a guy is not always about his looks, pocket size, or attitude. Anything, and virtually everything can make a girl start thinking about you and want to see you again. In Doris’ case for example, the church crush is just a regular dude who knows how to dress. You will then wonder why she isn’t crushing on me or any other guys in the office who dress well too. Only ladies really understand this crushing of a thing.9. Most ladies usually have serious crushing for the wrong guys (by wrong, I mean guys who aren’t looking in their direction), they have regular crushing for guys who will most likely friend zone them, and most often than not, they never crush on guys that are crushing on them. Mheeen! This life is too complicated.10. When it comes to marriage, ladies can’t really recall if they were the ones who crushed first or it was the dude. This simply means that when marriage comes in sight, it doesn’t matter who crushed, or if there was a crush in the first place.I hope my postulations are right, based on the sampled opinions from the ladies. If they are right it means guys shouldn’t bother themselves about ladies and their crushing, what will be will be. If I am wrong, please do not hesitate to correct me in the comments box below.I can’t be always right, after all I’m currently crushing on six ladies. *zooms off*

Written by Olumide Lawrence, Read more of his thoughts on relationships, weddings and everything romantic on glowville.net

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  1. Weldone jare! U captured it so perfectly. Had a crush on one guy for like 4yrs of undergraduate prog. Didn’t want it to progress to anything tho,i just liked him neh

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