Nigeria Ranks 8th On Internet User-Countries Globally & 1st In Africa

#Blogfest: The Great Deception

Nigeria has been rated number 8th among countries using the Internet as a highway of communications globally, topping the African countries’ chart. The latest report by the Global Research & Analysis Team at Kaspersky Lab, the world’s Internet risks monitoring and evaluating research firm, indicated that the development may lead to a rise in attacks on the country’s and regional financial and personal data on mobiles and PCs as well as a surge in Ransomeware next year.In addition, the researchers at Kaspersky Lab predicted that with more and more corporate organizations preferring cloud as secured option for their data, there were strong indications that this may create opportunity for malware writers to steal such entities’ data thereby posing serious risks to such enterprises.The researchers stated: “Nigeria ranks number 8 for Internet Users by country*, it is the highest number among all African countries. It is obvious that in this region we will see many attacks on users aimed at getting their financial and personal data on mobiles and PCs. Ransomware will also likely rise in this region in 2016.Read more here

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