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#50DaysCountDownTo2015 – DAY 33. Written by Da goddess.

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You need to see the look on Dr. James face. His eyes had rolled back like someone having a seizure at the same time breathing like an asthmatic patient having an attack while his hand clutched the desk. I almost blew my cover as a loud chuckle escaped my throat.

hoooo…ummm, u will not kill me you this girl ohhhhhh” his lust cry got me rolling on the floor laughing silently. I went back to my peeping hole before I miss this interesting sex session. I was just in time to see him withdraw his penis from her mouth and like a man pressed to use the latrine he hurriedly turned her around raising up her short white uniform in the process.

Haaa, she wasn’t even wearing any pant. Na wa for this nurse sef I said to myself.

Easy baby easy, I ain’t going nowhere sugar. This pussy is all yours“, she said turning her head batting her eyes at him seductively.

Have you ever watched while two people made love? The feeling is indescribable. Better than porn, better than getting high on marijuana. You’ll get this adrenaline rush and there I was my heart beating fast, excitement thrilling every part of my body as Doctor James first spread her ass apart, licked his middle finger then glide it up and down her clitoris causing Yemisi to moan. He slipped on a condom and inserted his big, no huge black Dick into Nurse Yemisi’s vagina. And like a dog in heat he went in and out of her so fast causing the desk to shake and drum out while she tried hard to hold in her scream which blended with his laps and balls coming in contact with her big ass.

tas tas tas tas tas tas tas as the pace of his thrust got faster.From my peeping hole I could see his right hand still playing with her clitoris while his left hand squeezed her big breast not too nicely as he kept digging in and out, in and out. Nurse couldn’t hold it no more

“….. haaa… yeeeeh…. moku oooo… onta mi…. hmmmm… Yeaay, Aaaah! Doctor fe pa mi o, Aaah mogbe o. O baby se jeje, o pa mi ara mi wa lo na

Shey this man won’t kill her sha oJust then someone touched me and had me jumping like a kangaroo. I turned with my eyes closed praying it wasn’t Doctor Phillips the owner of the hospital.

Haven’t you ever heard of privacy Nancy?“It was the other nurse on duty praise the good LORD. I didn’t care about her disapproving look and the airs she was putting on I just whispered in her ears and the next minute she was on all fours peeping through the keyhole. Only an old lady or a holy one can resist not wanting the chance to watch two people have sex.

If una no wan answer me make I go another hospital oh

Oh shit!!! I’ve forgotten about the girl who came in for a D&C. I had to pull Nurse Ngozi from the keyhole so we could attend to our patient. We almost ran so those lovers won’t come out and see our retreating back. Before we rounded the bend that’ll take us to the reception hall, Ngozi grabbed my ass winking at me at the same time.

Choi!!! Me no understand this one oh. Abi na the sex scene she just watch dey shark Nurse Ngozi like this. Abeg I no be man o, make she just dey her lane.

I can see say the money wey una don make e do una, na im make una leave me for here as if I no be person. Oya, make una lock the hospital go house. Yeye dey smell“, she hissed out loud

Patience what is the problem again?” Ngozi ignored her outburst sitting at her desk by the corner.

Oh… So Patience is her name. Well she don’t look patient to me”So this new nurse no tell you?” she mumbled to my hearing “You sure say she go sabi work” and then to everyone’s hearing “I’m three weeks pregnant and I no want the belle make una commot am

haaa Patience, Patience, it’s not up to two months ago that you came in for the same thing and now you’re here again. I advised you to make your boyfriend use a condom

Nurse I tell am o, but as we dey make love the day he wear the rubber, if you see his face. He just dey bone as he dey on top me, before I know he vex commot the thing fling am con enter me like that and the difference sef e clear. E dey sweet me e dey sweet am cos his face change and he con dey happy dey do the thing

At my spot I couldn’t help but laugh out loud, so unprofessional of me but this girl is killing me here.They both looked at me and I had to wave my hand in apology.Ngozi stood up from her desk, walked close to Patience and with concern on her face;”Babe you are just eighteen and already you’ve had three abortions. Think of what it’ll do to you on the long run, physically and emotionally

ahhh Nurse you don come again, which one be long run? I no want long run that’s why I dey come oyibo hospital oh. No be say I blind make me pass all those plenty hospital come here. I know say oyibo sabi work well well so nurse nothing dey happen

Ngozi sighed and so did I

Patience what about STDs? What about AIDS?

Nurse nothing dey happen, my boyfriend dey clean and AIDS na wetin oyibo dey take threaten us so make we no dey fuck again

Even Ngozi couldn’t help but laugh and I gladly joined her“What is it to the white man if you have sex or not?

Babes, na wa u o!!! Over population na. Naija too dey over populated that’s why

Ngozi shook her head and asked her to follow her. I didn’t even know I planned to speak until the words came out;”Well Patience there’s another alternative, you can abstain from sex. You’re young and beautiful, sex shouldn’t be your priority right now

The look they both gave me made me wonder if I said anything wrong. I got to find out later the reason for the strange look like a Dick just suddenly sprang out from my forehead. Patience is a prostitute. So prostitute dey get boyfriend? Na who dey friend dem, abi the boyfriend no know say she be prostitute. These thoughts kept ringing in my head.

After Patience left and Yemisi finally came out, we had three other abortion cases, a mother who brought her five months old baby who was running a temperature, and an old suffering from arthritis, Around 12 noon, I was filling my report on the report sheet with Yemisi at the counter beside me filing her nails when the sliding door opened and in walked the most handsome man I’ve ever set my eyes on. It was like time suddenly moved slowly, the next few seconds happened in slow motion. The movement of his eyes as they detected me by the counter, his goatee that had white hairs in them, the white long sleeve shirt he wore rolled to the elbow, his long legs in well pressed trouser, the shape of his pink lips, pinker than mine and they were quite small and feminine. Not until he got to where I was and spoke to me did the mist clear from my eyes.

“Excuse me, I didn’t catch that” I shook my head to get my bearing.

My husband asked to see the doctor

Only then did I notice a very slim flat chest lady wearing reading glasses by his side scowling at me.

Oh oh…spotted

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