Blog Festival | What You Did Not Know About the Story You Tell Yourself | by Ikechi Awazie

On the streets of Jeddah, Eisha’s life came to an end in the bathroom of her home. The 100-year-old woman, who had spent the majority of her adult life begging, suddenly died.Neighbors were saddened to see an ambulance pull up to her home and carry away her body on a stretcher,

But they were left speechless and shocked when they learned that she left behind a fortune estimated at SR3 million, including four buildings in the same district, and an additional SR1 million in jewels and gold coins (a total of just over $1 million).

If Eisha had amounted so much wealth, why did she keep begging on the street?

One wonders! Maybe she wanted people to pity her as a beggar or she was not satisfied with her wealth.

While this is a food for thought, we can relate with Eisha’s story.

Do you know that the Stories that you tell yourself does become a reality. You might not see yourself as a Story teller in the conversional sense but every day in your life you are telling a story.

Unfortunately, the stories you share each day seem to be so discouraging.

It seems that your ending is a sad one; full with regrets. You have told your story again and again that you are actually believing in them regardless of what happens to you.

This is the power of a story. Once you’ve created a memory of it and you keep telling that story, your subconscious mind makes you believe that it’s the truth and so you make it a reality..

When you believe deep within you that you are not enough and see yourself as being useless.

When you hold on to the mindset that life is against you and miss out on its abundance.

If you feel that you don’t matter and just a void in your world, then your story is never going to have a happy ending.

The sad part is that you are not aware that your story has a rippling effect in your world.

When you story has a sad ending, it greatly affects others. People who should have been blessed by your story and whose life should had a positive change, lose the opportunity because of your sad story.

Because you are acting based on the script of others, you have unconsciously giving people the permission to make themselves an impostor in their story

Once you hand over the pen to your challenges, you allow it to write your story. Your problems become the author of your life rather than the other way around.

You need to open your eyes and change your story or else it will never get better.

You need to get rid of the excuses and the illusion that your present reality is the final outcome. You need to take responsibility for your life and craft your awesome reality.

If you change the limiting stories you tell yourself, you will be able to change your life.

So here is the thing, go make a difference. Create your reality and Be an Inspiration!

About Ikechi Awazie

Ikechi Awazie is a thought blogger, motivational writer, and a fan of change. His blog focuses on inspiring change, and provides creative personal developments tips. You can check his blog and download ‘The A to Z Guide to Success Consciousness’ for Free

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  1. Thank you, Ikechi. ”Once you hand over the pen to your challenges, you allow it to write your story.” This is thought-provoking.

  2. Powerful thought here, I enjoyed this. Thanks Ikechi and Elsie.

  3. You’ve said it all….Very inspiring.You’ve just inspired me to inspire myself and others.

  4. Hi Ikechi ,you said it like always very nicely and right.We can change the story whenever we getaware that we stay in one and we can improve it to better.Unfortunately, there are many people who do not realize this . May your post help to open some minds.Thank you Erika

  5. Ikechi, so true what you say! We human beings constantly create “meaning” out of just about everything that happens, whether it be big or little. That meaning often supports our story and we are UNCONSCIOUS of the fact that we’re even doing it! Our story becomes “reality.” For instance, the guy you’re talking to gets an expression on his face. You can’t possibly know what he’s thinking, unless you ask. You may make his expression mean: “He’s only pretending to listen to me.” The story could be: “People don’t like me. They think I’m boring. Why does this always happen to me? I guess I am boring. There’s not much good about me anyway. No wonder I have a hard time finding and keeping friends.” All this from the way a person happens to look for a moment! Thanks for a thought-provoking blog! 🙂
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