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Akínyẹlé o..

Akínyẹlé  Ọmọ Jìnádù…


Just as I heard at the market place. When you shout the name of your lover thrice with all passion, he would marry you.


Akínyẹlé, the young village lawyer, is my lover. He is incredibly handsome with his fine irùngbọ̀n that makes a male goat jealous. His broad shoulders perfect for the farm but it wastes away in court house holding his black gown elegantly while he defends people’s cause.


His legs, sturdy and manly, walks the soil of our village with firmness mixed with confidence.

Akínyẹlé, is the fairest of them all. The village ladies fall over themselves in other to get his attention but he chose me. What a privilege.


I won’t mention how our love started. It’s too emotional for your fragile minds.


* laughs *


Everybody keeps saying I’m not getting younger, that my back should be housing a baby by now but Akínyẹlé has not even mentioned anything and it is so tiring.


What if he is eyeing somebody else?

What if he’s falling out of love with me?

What if he is still preparing?


What if he’s not even ready?


What if?

But the way he looks at me hasn’t changed..

He still calls me the lovely names he formed especially for me.


He still whistles near my window at dusk.

He still says my smile is the best thing that has happened to him.

And he has not stopped saying my laughter is wants to spend the rest of his life listening to..

But he hasn’t said he wants to follow me to Bàbá and Màmá mi..

He hasn’t mentioned the ìdọ̀bálẹ̀ that is mandatory during the traditional wedding ceremony.

When will Akin pay my bride price?!!


Yesterday, when I asked him indirectly, he used his lawyer skills to twist everything and he evaded the question.


Àbí he has been lying to me all along ni.

Like Bàbá will always say that Lawyers are alágídí’s and they’re first class liars.

I don’t think so.

My Akin is different.


Isn’t he tired of this single life?

Hasn’t he had enough of our rendezvous?

When will he stop the tradition of taking my delicious meals once in a while and make it an everyday thing?

Can’t he see the pride in having me as his ìyàwó?!

I don’t want to sound desperate by saying ‘Whether you like it or not’,you have to follow me home..

Akínyẹlé, if you’re reading this.

Joor, Bámidélé …

Bámidélé  Bàbá mi.


I’m not getting younger.




Sho gbór?

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