Blog Festival | I Am | by Heaven K. Kalu

A land with about 250 ethnic groups

Rich in cultural diversity and heritage

With individuals who inhabit a territory of its own

Who worked and lived for several decades together in oneness

Until aliens invaded her peaceful co-existence

Took advantage of her ignorance and enslaved her land

Coerce labor became the rules of each day

I died! I struggled! I cried! I screamed! I thought! Oh Freedom…

Freedom was all I needed to be free!!!

And I can’t price it worth due to my vulnerability

How do I live what I have no glimpse of hope in?

But if freedom is worth dying for, then I will fight!

Alas! They came, they saw but I conquer them all

I was unwavering, unflinching and undefeated! Though,

I was beaten, bruised, battered, burdened but I am blessed

I am the definition of freedom

I am exceptionally intelligent and ready to inspire all nations

I am the future of my people

I am the hope of the present and the future world

I am the smile on my children’s faces

I am the reality of dreams

I am the face and the strides of Africa

My beginning is green

My white shines in the splendor between

My ending is rich in green

I am green white green

I am Nigeria!!!

My name is Heaven Kalu. I am a Nigerian,  born and bred in the hearts of Lagos, hail from Abia State and innovative. I am a creative writer, content developer and Short-story freak. I am also cook and a one time cooking competition finalist in Lagos. I written and shot some of my scripts and screenplays for films,  documentary, adverts etc. I am also an award winner at the Inshort Film Festival, 2016. I’ve worked as a national correspondent in Nigeria with African Sun Times in New Jersey in the United States and I’m a content writer for MyStoryTime Blog.

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