I stole a look at The Big Boss. His handsome face was marred by a scowl. I didn’t know what to say or do and unfortunately, this wasn’t the time for small talk. In despair, I looked out the window, wondering where he was taking me, when I felt his hand around my neck, pushing my head down towards his crotch. His zipper was open and his cock was out. For a brief moment, I wondered about the driver of the car.

Only for a brief moment though.

I began to suck on his cock, eager to appease him for a wrong I didn’t even know I had committed. After two weeks of constant blow-jobs, I knew exactly how to make him cum. I could feel him clench his ass and knew he was near. This time, I didn’t want him cumming in my mouth. I wanted to fuck him so bad. With a sigh, I pushed away, leaving him high and dry. He shot me a look of pure, undiluted need and my heart skipped at the raw passion I saw in his eyes. I looked out of the window again, my heart pounding at the prospect of what lay ahead.

Then I felt his hand caress my knee. I was wearing trousers so he couldn’t feel my skin, but that didn’t stop him. His hand squeeze my thigh as it inched higher and higher till he cupped my pussy. The heat from my crotch was embarrassing. I stiffened and tried to shift away, pressing my body closer to the door but he leaned close and whispered in my ear…

Zip your pants down Vuoke… I need to touch you.

My eyes immediately zoomed on the driver. He seemed oblivious of our presence, his eyes fastened on the road in front of him. Letting out a shaky breath, I pushed the zipper down and pulled my pants down to my knees. He didn’t wait for me to push down my panties. He slipped his hand through the side till his fingers made contact with my clit. When pressed his thumb on my little knob, I nearly exploded, letting out a soft moan. His eyes flashed a warning, urging me to be silent. I swallowed my moan, and reach for the hand that was pleasuring me. But he wouldn’t stop. His fingers kept going… delving, probing, and stroking me. I spread my legs wider for him and leaned back on the seat, shutting my eyes tightly. He was staring at my face, intermittently casting furtive looks at his driver while his fingers played with my lips and knob. I felt two fingers slip into my core and unable to help myself, I opened my mouth to moan but he covered it with his free hand. In an act of desperation, I began to suck on his thumb, willing my mouth to stay busy just to quell my moans while he finger-fucked me. He was working fast and my excitement was building rapidly. As I neared orgasm, I bit his thumb lightly and grabbed his thigh, my nails digging into in firm, taut lap. But then he paid me back. He removed his fingers from inside me, leaving me gasping with unsated need. I almost screamed out in frustration. He smiled, his dark eyes unreadable… then pushed the fingers with my juice smeared on them into my mouth before whispering.

Payback is a bitch, yah?” He smirked and covered my mouth with his.

The kiss was deep, sensual but too brief. I wanted this man more than air and I couldn’t wait to be alone with him.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

The car drove into a compound on Raymond Njoku. The compound had very high fence around it. The Big Boss and I alighted, leaving behind the smell of sex and need. I was a little embarrassed when my eyes caught the driver’s just before he drove into a garage. I wondered how many of Ruxton Cole staff he’d seen in this position with The Big Boss and shuddered at what he would say to his fellow drivers after today. The Big Boss led the way towards the building. He did not touch me or offer to hold my hand. He just took long, sure strides while I struggled to catch up with him in my heels. As soon as I entered the house, he pulled me to him, kissing me hard and running his hands all over my body.

Easy… Easy…” I pleaded as his teeth grazed my upper lip painfully.

I want you… You don’t know how much I want you…. Come…” He nearly pulled me up the stairs in his hurry.

I swallowed and prayed he wasn’t the type that hurt women when they fucked. He was getting a little too rough for comfort and I was beginning to worry. He practically dragged me into a bedroom and turned on the light before groping me hungrily. The room was cold and my nipples instantly perked right up. I barely had time to take in the decor… He was all over me with his hard kisses and full body groping. I managed to push him away, breathing hard and trying to control the panic rising within.

Please… Be gentle with me…” I pleaded.

He began to peel off his clothes. He dark eyes never leaving my face while I stood there dazed and really aroused.

I need you naked Vuoke… Get them off.” His voice was hoarse and rough and sent a shiver down my spine.

I undressed, taking care to fold my clothes neatly and placed them on a small armchair nearby. He stood before me, naked, hard and impatient. The urge to take him in my mouth came and without waiting, I went on my knees and took is cock in. He groaned aloud this time, his hands scratching at my hair in massage-like motion. I suck him till he pushed me away, breathing hard.

Not in your mouth this time… I want to kiss you again…” He said and pulled me up to my feet.

He kissed me, his mouth softer and more sensual in their onslaught, till my legs wobbled. Then he turned away to get protection while I sat on the bed, unsure of the position he’d want me to assume. When he joined me on the bed, it was a totally different ballgame.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

The Big Boss morphed into an alien lover. Gentle and absolutely loving. He kissed me with tenderness, his lips burning inch after inch of golden memories all over. My breasts were sucked so gently, I almost cried out obscenities. And then his mouth burned a trail down to my belly and stopped just at my Mound of Venus. He didn’t eat me though but something in his eyes held a promise that made my clit pulsate excitedly. He pushed back up and slipped on the condom… parted my thighs with his knees and took position.

When he pushed into me, we both screamed at the timeliness of that special moment. I arched my back and grabbed his ass as he plunged deeper. His groan was music to my ears. He muttered something but I was too far gone to make it out as my hips began to rotate… urging him to fuck me hard.

You like it rough…?

Yes please…” I whimpered, polite in spite of myself.

He leaned on top of me and his full weight buried me on the mattress as he cupped my buttocks and made me spread open wider. My face was squashed on his chest so I turned to the side for air, sucking in a few breaths before he began to fuck me in earnest.

The thrusts were Fast… Hard… Furious… Deep.

His hands massaged my buttocks as he fucked me relentlessly.I could hear him groan out in pleasure, his voice muffled by the pillow pressing against his face.My pussy felt like it would explode into a million fragments.He fucked me…I fucked him back…He pushed in deeper and deeper…I screamed and took him in, grinding my clit against the base of his huge cock.I began to tremble as I felt the first wave of orgasm, speeding towards me.

Oh shit!!! I’m gonna cum….” I moaned and dug my nails into the hard flesh of his buttocks.

He didn’t stop pounding for a second. He kept right on fucking me, groaning along as I whimpered and thrashed about in bed, oceans of pleasure coursing through me. He stopped abruptly and watched me jerk and flex my fingers sporadically as the climatic tide began to ebb. Then, in a totally unexpected gesture, he kissed me softly. I didn’t know why but I began to cry. The orgasm had been too intense and had sent me into an emotional orb. He watched the tears spill from my face and I noticed a tenderness in those dark eyes that I had never seen there before.

I’m sorry. I got so carried away, I didn’t know I was hurting you…” He mumbled, his face contrite.

I didn’t bother to explain that my tears had nothing to do with the pussy-bruising pounding, but everything to do with the glorious orgasm I’d just experienced. There was no point spoiling the moment with unnecessary explanations.

Have you fucked him?” He asked unexpectedly. The temporary look of confusion On my face didn’t quell his curiosity. Then it came to me. He was asking about Geoff, the Banker.

No… I haven’t.” I said softly.

You plan to fuck him don’t you?” It sounded like an accusation.

I couldn’t believe his cock was buried deep inside me and he was asking these questions without losing erection.

It’s under consideration…” I said truthfully but with an aim to spur some kind of emotion in him.

He pulled out of me then and my eyes widened in surprise. My pussy felt strangely hallow without his cock inside. He lay on the bed beside me, his expression unreadable. I turned to him, willing him mentally, to say something else. His silence lengthened and my heart began to race. I looked down at his cock and realized it was going down. I didn’t want it to go down. I wanted that cock to stay stiff and throbbing, so I reached for it. As my hand circled the condom encased shaft, it stiffened and bobbed angrily before throbbing in my palms. The Big Boss stared at me, his eyes dim and unreadable. I pulled off the condom and replace it with my mouth, sucking him till he groaned and pulled me up to look at him. Then he kissed me and held me tight, like he had no intention to let me go. I straddled him, threw my ass in the air and continued kissing him like a long lost love. He grabbed my waist and thrust his pelvis up at me till his cock poked at the crack between my buttocks. I needed him to know I was ready. I wanted him to feel my heat so I sat on his stomach while we kissed and heard him gasp and cuss as my wet pussy made contact with his skin.

Fuck!” He muttered again, his eyes closed and his hands maneuvering my buttocks.

We kissed till he broke away, his hands shaking…He got off the bed and got another condom…Slipped it on and lay on his back…I mounted him this time, spreading my thighs wide enough so I could watch my pussy swallow him in. There was no pause… No chill… No finesse. The minute his cock was in, he grabbed my buttocks and began to thrust in from beneath, grinding my buttocks together one minute then spreading them apart the next. I lay on his chest, crazy with pleasure and began to move my waist up and down to catch his thrusts.The Big Boss fucked me like no man ever had, making me cum twice and holding back his orgasm. Breathing hard, he stopped for a bit and allowed me rest, kissing me all over the face and running his fingers through my nappy hair.

I’m not the jealous type. I’ve been with too many women to ever get jealous. I regard it as a very toxic emotion.” He said gruffly into my ear as I tried to catch my breath.

I wondered why he was telling me this.

I did what I did tonight because I’d stayed awake most nights in the last one month, wanting to fuck you… Wanting to beat your pussy up for making me need you so much… Missing your mouth over my cock… Only to see some scrap ogling you like a fool.” He said.

Sounds like jealousy to me…” I muttered.

Nah. I’m not jealous. Now that I’ve had you, you can go ahead and fuck him if you want. No biggie.”

Somehow, his statement made me feel cheap. I smiled and got off him, ignoring his questioning gaze as I made my way towards what I suspected was the bathroom. I eased myself and tried not to think negative thoughts. I wasn’t a fool. I knew The Big Boss was just having his fun with me. I didn’t expect anything from him, save for a few ‘Gifts’ but his words had hurt nonetheless. I emerged from the bathroom to find him seated on the edge of the bed, caressing his balls.

Come spread that pussy for me Vuoke…. I need to be inside of you….

Obediently, I lay on my back and spread my legs open, watching him as he positioned himself over me and reached down to stroke my pussy. I was dry. He looked at me in surprise but I averted my eyes. Something within me knew he sensed that he must have said something to hurt my feelings.

He pushed down my thighs, spread them, part my pussy lips and made a meal of me. I bucked and tried to reach for his head as his lips worked their way with thorough precision… Through my labias, clitoris and finally my soft, moist, core. I moaned aloud, thrusting up my hips while gasping out his name.

Oh gaaawd… Tseye… Fuck…. Tseye…. Oooohhhh…. Oooohhhh… Oooohhhh…

He tongue-fucked me to a state of senselessness and I began to jerk as a fourth orgasm galloped closer. Then he pulled up and plunged into my pussy with a force that made me scream till my eyes rolled back and the veins in my neck stood out boldly. The Big Boss fucked me hard, making sure his cock brushed every inch of my pussy till I grabbed his ass and announced that I was cumming. At that moment, he also was inching nearer to the peak and couldn’t stop himself. He buried his face in the pillow beside my head, tightened his ass and let himself go.I was still in the throes of orgasm when I felt thick warm liquid hit my insides. The feeling was more than I could contain. I screamed, bit his nipple and clawed at his back as yet another wave of orgasm coursed through me again. I had just had my first multiple orgasm and my pussy was kegeling out of control… clenching at his cock as it spurt out his seed in quick bursts, making him tremble. He rolled on to his back, grabbed me tight so I could be on top of him, with our privates still attached. Then, with a contented sigh, he shut his eyes and wound his arms possessively around my waist.

You came inside…” I said dreamily…

Yah. The condom broke… We’ll go get tested tomorrow.” He replied, his voice sounding tired.

Okay….” Were the last words I remembered saying before drifting off to a dreamless slumber.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

The Big Boss was a sex maniac. He fucked me tirelessly the next day. We ended up not going for the test because his cock woke me in the morning… Found its way into me during shower… Then after breakfast… At some point, he didn’t fuck anymore but his cock was erect. He was just content to penetrate me and leave it inside me till we slept of. I had never had a man want me that much. It was scary and exhilarating all at once. I called my sister to tell her I with Gbemi. Then called Gbemi to tell her I had gone back home and would give her gist on Monday. That done, I settled down to enjoy my weekend with The Big Boss.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

It’s been two years now. The Big Boss hasn’t tired of me yet. Sometimes, I wonder if he ever will. A few people at Ruxton Cole now ‘suspect’ I have a thing with him. Thankfully I no longer work at the Admin department. I am now, officially, his Personal Assistant, which means, my status has changed dramatically. I fly with him everywhere, know much more about Ruxton Cole than I did two years back and most importantly, have him at my beck and call. On the few occasions I don’t travel with him, he rushes to my bed the minute he gets back into town and stays in my flat at Etim Inyang… a flat he got for me.

For a man who claims he never gets jealous, The Big Boss actually threatens to kill me if he finds out that I’m cheating on him.I don’t mind though, because I love him endlessly and I know he loves me back.As for my future?Hmmm…Even if he doesn’t marry me, we’ve both agreed he will be the father of my kids.…And you know what?I really do not see a problem with that!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

As for Gbemi… She Married Geoff! Apparently, they hit it off when I left them at the bar that night and started dating secretly. They have both relocated abroad and she is still my best friend. She knows about The Big Boss and I.

My Ex has been reaching out to me in recent times… Wanting to know how I’m doing and all that crap. I heard his marriage isn’t so rosy… But that’s none of my business though.

Omatseye “The Big Boss” Cole is turning 40 in a few days. His wife is planning a big society soiree to celebrate him. Naturally, I shall be there to help out with last minute plans and preparations. Whether the wife knows I’m fucking him is still a mystery but, I have seen her give me pointed knowing looks in recent times. I told Gbemi and she advised me to watch my back and I’m doing so. He has planned a trip to Seychelles just for us to celebrate his birthday and I hope I will be able to “Make” him a beautiful birthday “Present”.

Written by Dame Twitter – @Dame_caucus


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  1. Waoh…now we are applauding and promoting adultery, isn’t it interesting? tot he was gonna marry her somewhere along the line

  2. Well, the sexual description in the coincidental board room meeting was too soon. #IMO Should hv been delayed a bit. “Touched her lips…. her nipples stood…. err…. *rolls eyes*”But good story on the overall. That’s the typical lagos life you captured there.

  3. Make sure u make him a beautiful present! I need a big boss in my life oooo

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