Behind Closed Doors – 4

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“Ajo, I thought you said you did not see the key?”

Ajo swallowed hard as he bent down quickly to retrieve the key but left the mop stick on the floor as though out of spite for it having caused the key to slip through his fingers.

“Err…Mtsheww, don’t mind me…I-I-I forgot” He managed to say in a stutter as he got up to face the missus; wiping the dripping sweat off his brow.

She sized him up with her eyes. And as though shielding himself from her scornful stare, he leaned back and tried to force a smile; patiently counting the seconds in his head, hoping her next words would have nothing to do with the keys.

“Hmm” the Missus sighed, folding her hands akimbo, and taking a little step back from him.

 “Ajo, what is wrong?” she asked, her voiced toned down with a tinge hint of tenderness –loud enough to drown the whizzing sound of the refrigerator that was at the corner of the kitchen.

–Who says there is no God? – Ajo thought to himself, appreciative for the change of topic.

“What is wrong ehn…you’ve been acting strange of recent and I don’t know why?”

 –Really? – Ajo asked in his thoughts again. He managed a smirk instead and took a deep breath, wiping off some more sweat off his brow.

“What are you running from?” the Missus went on, as she tilted her head to the side and lifted her hands to grab at the fold that held her wrapper tightly to her chest.

There was a slight moment of pause from both of them. Ajo, not sure if the question was rhetorical. The silence lingered for a moment more and he was almost about to say something when she spoke.

“Don’t you miss this?”

Without warning, she loosened one part of the wrapper to expose her ample breasts and in their succulent glory; they almost shone like a halo in Ajo’s eyes as his mouth was left agape.

Only after he had uttered the word, did he realize how stupid he was for calling out “Jesus!” in that brief moment of ogling lustfully at the Missus’ bosom.

Jesus could not help him in this situation he reckoned, especially when he felt a stifling sensation between his legs.

 – “Jesus! –

He called out once again, except this time; the words did not escape the captivity of his thoughts. In that moment, there was so much going on inside his head; and his actual thoughts were riddled with risqué reenactments that saw him go against his better judgment and ravaging the Missus, right there without any care in the world. However, although his thoughts ran amok his reflex instinct had been to hurriedly reach to cover up the Missus up, albeit to her mischievous chuckling delight.

“So, you do miss it” she whispered softly into his ears, leaning in and slowly tying the wrapper across her chest.

Ajo swallowed hard as he felt the hardness grow between his thighs. The Missus chuckled. And for a moment, time froze for him as all he could think of was her breasts and like a movie reel, flashes of their tryst began flooding his thoughts.

He must have drifted too far in thought that it blocked out the sounds around him, else, he would have noticed soon enough when the Missus’ form had suddenly stiffened and she had moved aside, her eyes glued to the storeroom door.

It was only when she had uttered the commanding word, “Who is there?” did the seemingly frozen time thaw instantaneously for him to realize that the jig was up.

Instinctively, he had quickly spun around, forced a pretentious hiss and had tried to come up with an excuse.

“All these useless rats sef ehn. They jus–”

“–My friend shut up!” the Missus rebuked, cutting him short without even taking a glance in his direction. “Rat ni, Rabbit ko, Oloshi…shebi there is someone hiding inside the store na.”

Ajo shook his head.

“Oyah, give me the store key now” she ordered, stretching her left hand behind with an open palm.

Ajo swallowed hard once again. There was no more escaping the inevitable, he reckoned. So, he placed the key in her palm and stepped back.

The Missus walked to the door slowly and taking one grim look at Ajo, she turned the key inside the keyhole and gave the door a push backward.

Ajo held his eyes shut for that moment and waited to hear something –a shout; some loud cussing –anything at all to mark the opening of a flurry of invectives that he was certain would be passed around. But the silence lingered for another moment and was soon enough broken when he heard the Missus hiss indignantly.

“So, you are the one hiding in the storeroom, Felicia…doing like rat abi”.

Without warning, the Missus burst into delirious laughter.

Ajo opened his eyes slowly, not sure what his ears were hearing. He opened them just in time to watch as a fear-stricken, Felicia, stepped out of the storeroom covered in sweat. She turned around, gave one lingering look inside the storeroom and then pulled it to a close, before turning back around to face her sister’s glare.

“Ajo-ajo,” the Missus turned around to face him, a contemptuous stare in her eyes. “So, Felicia is the rat you have been hiding ehn. Hmm…inside the storeroom when everybody is sleeping abi…two of you…humph…na wa ooo”

Ajo remained perturbed, as his eyes moved from the Missus’ face –which held a devious smile–to the petrified look on Felicia’s face. And while he could guess the reason for the expression on the Missus face; the doleful and terrified look on Felicia’s face, was not quite clear to him.

He understood that she was scared, having been caught in such a compromising situation but it seemed as though, the fear in her eyes had morphed into something more painful.

 –Or maybe it wasn’t the look, he reckoned. Maybe it was the burning question that troubled his thoughts at that moment; a question he guessed had something to do with Felicia’s dreary demeanor.

The question was: “Where in the hell was the Mister?”

by Mifa Adejumo

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  1. Don’t tell me that my thought about the mister is right. Could it be he has fainted or dead? ??. Wouldn’t know sha. ? ? ? ? ?

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