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Behind Closed Doors – 5

Click HERE for previous episodes “Well, I hope you people enjoyed yourself oo” the Missus continued with her sarcastic derision. “Next time, please find somewhere else to do it. See the way everywhere is now smelling anyhow.” She used her... Read More

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Behind Closed Doors – 2

Click HERE for previous episode Ajo had no idea how to react. For a moment, he stood inert and in a daze. His eyes moved from his uncle, to Felicia, the sister of the Missus. The room was dimly lit but he could see their faces. Certain that there were... Read More

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Behind Closed Doors

Ajo picked up the mop-stick from the floor with a languid look on his face. He rubbed his eyes and yawned. It was another one of those mornings: same routine but on a different calendar date. His twenty-six-year-old face bore the forlorn look of a man... Read More

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