king gog by Obinna jones

Based On Ezekiel chapter 38 and Daniel chapter 12.At a time after the times a day after the days, king Gog of the land of Magog, the destroyer of life, land and breath, the son of the dark one and a messenger of the ruler of the dead. The king that inhaled smoke of burned flesh and exhaled fire to consume more, before whom life fled and the ground cried.He rose at that time and raised his monstrous, vulture-like eyes, lacking whites, blue-black all round with reflections of hate for life and hunger for souls. He beheld a group of people living in unprotected settlements, but they still lived in serenity, security and without disturbance. He turned to his left and spoke to a creature the size of a little man, faceless and robed in the blackest of clothes.”Maileed-Sajam!” He roared.”Master of killing, first son of the dark one and the one who journeys to the land of the dead to deposit souls, I am listening Sire.” Maileed-Sajam responded.”Who are these that I behold?“”Sire, they are the people of Israel“.”Have they tasted the wrath of Gog?“”No, Sire“”I will make them know that he who seeks them is not the king of Babylon, I will invade their farmland and completely devote it to destruction, I will rape their king, young men and women, I will drink the blood of their children and even their animals I won’t spare!“”As the master says” The creature hissed.King Gog turned to his army general. “Gather all my legions, clothe yourselves in splendor, rally the archers, for tomorrow we will make Israel a memory!“The general, three times the size of a man, carrying a sword the full length of a grown man, gave a heavy salute and spoke in a voice that thundered and made the palace shake; “As the master says“.That night, Trento, the spy of the king of kings, the ruler of heaven and the king of Israel, sneaked out of the palace of Gog and went on to say “so so and so is what Gog has said“.The king of kings, then went on to relate it to Michael, his army general, the Prince in charge of keeping peace on earth and in heaven, his first son.That night, Michael instructed Gabriel to gather half of the army of the heavens, the ones who keeps breaking the speed records and get around the army of the king of Magog; “as fast and quiet as possible“.Deputy General Gabriel nodded, rounded up the ever ready soldiers and went to do his’ Prince’s bid.As the blue sun died, and birthed the red sun, so did Gog and his vast army rise and they covered the land. They rode fast and furiously on horses that steamed like trains. On seeing them, the people of Israel panicked for they saw no means of escape as the soldiers seemed to be coming from all directions …Just as the first archer of Magog drew an arrow, a burning arrow hit him square in the chest, breaking his breast plate and throwing him off his horse …And the army of heaven descended, it was a one sided destruction for the soldiers of Magog stood no chance.In a short time, the bodies of men, littered everywhere and left standing were Gog and Brakolin his General.They faced Michael and Gabriel …”Who are you?” Gog asked.Gabriel smiled; “He is the Prince of peace, and I am the deputy.”Brakolin rushed at Gabriel, his shadow covering him, Gabriel side stepped to the right dodging a downward stroke, and he deflected a heavy blow of Brakolin’s sword easily.“I’ve fought bigger things.” Gabriel reminded him.Gog came at Michael with a midway stroke aimed for his belly, Michael lifted off the ground and landed lightly of the sword.Gog roared and pulled back his sword. Michael landed safely with a smile identical to Gabriel’s. He did two blurry moves, first to the right and then to the left, staying clear of Gog’s sword.Michael and Gabriel ran full speed at Gog and Brakolin, whose swords were raised ready to strike, but as they reached striking distance, Michael and Gabriel disappeared and reappeared behind them …Holding, black solid objects with rhythmic rise and falls.Slowly Gog and Brakolin turned to look at them, “what’s that?” Gog asked.Michael raised the object, still beating rhythmically. “Recognize your heart yet?”As if on cue, Gog and Brakolin fell face first to the ground. And just as quickly as they came, the army of the heavens ascended.The people of Israel went on staring, uncomprehending the sights they just beheld.Then Ezekiel and his brother-in-law Daniel, came out to them and started to preach …

Written by Obinna Omotayo Jones

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