Basic Steps On How To Treat Your Man

Basic Steps On How To Treat Your Man - elsieisy blog

Men are just big babies.No matter how hard they come out…they are just babies.They want to be pampered.They want to be spoilt.They want attention.They want you to notice when their facial expression changes.They can deliberately change their expression sef just to be noticed.They’d appreciate surprises…pleasant surprise.You see a lovely shirt on your way home? Buy for them. The wrist watch is just too cool…buy for him. He doesn’t fancy watches; he will fancy the one you bought.It’s his birthday? Surprise him. Do something out of the box.Treat him the exact way you expect him to treat you.Listen to his dreams…..encourage him.Feed his ego.Tell him it can be done.You are the motivation your man needs. Believe me.Look into his eyes and tell him how important he is. Let him know you cherish him.Let him lay on your body like you cuddling a baby. It’s all he needs to get his thoughts together.Do not forget to scold him when necessary.Will you allow your child go free when he or she does something wrong?Scold him and pull him close. Do not push him away….don’t!As long as you still have faith in your union, you should not push him away.You think he doesn’t know when he has messed up? He does……he surely does. So scold and pull.Allow him be all vulnerable around you.Yes let him cryLet him tell you his fears.Let him tell you how the next step looks impossible and nudge him ahead.Be his support system.Be his confidantBe his greatest criticBe his number one fanBe all a sane man will ever need.Except he is just like every other idiot walking the face of the earth as men, you have your man for life!Remember to pray!Image Source –

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  1. Ladies doing these things will definitely make you a wife quick.Cater to your man.

  2. So true but we all know its difficult to really tell what a man wants. Great step sha

  3. It’s not difficult to know what a man wants. If all these can be done. A sane man wouldn’t have a reason to act irrational

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