Behind Closed Doors – 2


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Ajo had no idea how to react. For a moment, he stood inert and in a daze. His eyes moved from his uncle, to Felicia, the sister of the Missus. The room was dimly lit but he could see their faces.

Certain that there were no words he could say to two grown adults getting their coital and adulterous groove on so early in the morning inside the storeroom, he moved forward a little and besidesthe trembling Felicia, he bent down and picked up the broom stick.

A wry smile spread across his lips as he shook his head and was about to step out.

“Ah–” his uncle was about to say something when stopped short, having heard dragging footsteps. Ajo froze in shock, turning around with his mouth agape.

“Quick-quick, go-go”

Ajo obeyed without a moment’s hesitation, rushing out of the storeroom with the broom, and slamming the door behind him; locking it as well.

“Ajo, kilon se le”

It was the throaty voice of the missus. Ajo took the key out of the keyhole and expertly hid it in the palm of his hands, folding it into a fist and turning around to flash a pretentious smile at her; sweat pouring out his brow.

“Ah…aunty, I w-wanted to open the store door but it’s locked and I can’t find the keys”

“Ha,” the missus scoffed, giving him an incredulous stare. She yawned as she glanced around the kitchen with a distasteful look on her face. She was dark-skinned and a little chubbyand had bulgy eyes, a flat-nose and wide lips like that of the Nollywood actor, Kenneth Okonkwo. Her body was bare, except for the blue and black dotted wrapper that was tied firmly across her chest.

“But shebi I heard the door close as I was coming nah” she remarked as she opened the fridge and buried her head inside it.

“Ehn…yea–no– it was me, I was hitting the door with my body” he lied.

“Ah, well-done, Mister John Cena…so you want to break the door abi…Hmm…ogah o”

She withdrew her head from the refrigerator and walked towards the kitchen sink, dragging her feet with an irritant sluggishness. She rubbed at her eyes and took a glance around the kitchen. Ajo stood still, only moving a little towards the kitchen cabinet where he had left his mop-stick.  He felt a cold chill run through his spine.

There was always something eerie about standing in the missus’ presence. She had a sixth sense when it came to sensing that something was amiss and giving his unspoken history with her, he knew this instinct all so well. With her back to him, he quickly wiped the sweat off his brow with the back of his hand and pretended to start sweeping.

The missus turned around and saw him. Her lips curved to a smirk.

“Which one are you sweating like Christmas goat, Ajo”

He ignored her remark.

“Wait o…are you sweeping and moping at the same time?”

The question forced him to pause for a moment, ashe realized his error. He had both the mop-stick and broom in both hand –the left and right. She broke into a laugh, while he straightened his back and smiled. He felt a little embarrassed as he turned to see the look on her face.

“Ajo-ajo”, she spoke in a soft whisper, biting her lips. She was a few inches away, “It’s been a while o” she went on with a licentious chuckle, winking at him and smiling. Ajo backed away a little and returned the gesture.

“These days, you see me and you bone face, ehn…have I offended you in any way?

He shook his head, taking a step backwards as she inched closer.

“So what is the problem then?”

The question sounded genuine, and for a moment he felt like giving her a genuine answer in response. But his thoughts and feeling were abruptly cut short without any warning when she suddenly grabbed a hold of his crotch; forcing a loud and shocked gasp out of him.

“I miss this”.

to be continued...

by Mifa Adejumo

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  1. Ajo is the king of the house
    He should play his cards right
    enjoy the missus,threaten and enjoy the sister
    then threaten turn the Mister to ATM[achine]

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