By Olamide Saidu

Arike,A name my tongue will always rollA sweet  and beautiful name I knowBrighter even in the blurring snowWithin my heart your love has grownArike,A lady with compassion at heartLovely and wild than the finest roseNothing compared to her queenly smileShe is indeed the Rarest GemArike,It’s you I want to holdHaving my arms around you foldAssured truly that you are mineA truth that surely cannot be deniedindeed you are my perfect GoldArikewhen in others I have lost hopeIn you I have found an endless love flowAnd this I want you to knowThat together we can grow old.Image – “Sentinal” Illustrated by Daniel Hugo  

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  1. Uhnnnnn, My head dey swell oooThat’s my oriki too, My parent will be like Arike y is ur face like this and am likeBaba Arike, Iya Arike (arike is fine)

  2. Very lovely poem, the writer inspiration will not go sour.And its my wife traditional name.

  3. Awwwnn lovely… Me likey. Nice words of endearments.. this will definitely make a lady’s head swell. Welldone poet!

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