“May 29th, soon come! Aso Rock needs new occupants” – Viola Ifeyinwa


Truth is, i have decided to sit on the fence concerning this ‘Change’ matter and wait to see what happens next before saying anything. I am a Nigerian and we have only one Nigeria. I love and cherish my country but…..there is a but. Read this piece by Viola Ifeyinwa Okolie on the state of the nation. Don’t ask me who Viola is, the fact that she is a Nigerian is enough for me. She shared this on her Facebook wall. Kindly read between the lines and share your opinion below.

“I can’t understand the hue and cry over the leaking of President Jonathan’s concession phone call. Matter of fact, I like the fact that it leaked. Keep it coming. In all these, the fact that President Jonathan is made of finer stuff than the general keeps coming to the fore.

For the past four years we have lived on propaganda and leaked official documents and information. Before the ink dries on any official matter, a mole would have taken it and placed squarely in the hands of the opposition who would proceed to inflame and incite the polity with it. Why do we suddenly have a problem with the same tactics we endorsed as participants and lapped up as beneficiaries, preferring to label those that pointed out the incongruity of It all?

We have brought home rotten wood, the infestation by lizards is about to commence.

Do you think it will stop? The people who have made a living by “patriotically” leaking official documents, do you think they will stop? The people who have been taught that the best way to win in any situation in life is to rub dung on the face of the one who lost out: crush, humiliate, humble? Lol. I laugh at you all.

The floodgates of ignominy have been flung open and we sat and applauded nd encouraged it because we were fed a mirage of “change”!

I am sitting back and watching this fraud that is Nigeria… sitting back and watching.

Rest assured people, GMB won the elections, but the buzz in all quarters has been GEJ. Within 6 years, the humble wretched man from Otuoke lived the dream of every upcoming Nigerian. His story is far more of an inspiration than that of a geriatric who does not know when to stop. Who cannot sit and tell his kids, “you are the leaders of tomorrow”, who cannot teach his kids the graciousness in accepting defeat, who cannot preach to the youth tomorrow about holding your tempers and emotions in check against all odds.

Yes GMB won, but President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan hoisted the trophy!

So, keep sharing photos, keep up with the photoshopped caricatures, keep “leaking” information, keep invading his privacy and that of his wife, give us a picture of the last dump he took before he left the villa…

May 29th, soon come! Aso Rock needs new occupants.

I also need the N5k monthly, I am a jobless Nigerian youth.”

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