Nightmare of a Dream (R-18+)

Nightmare of a Dream (R-18+)

“No no, please. No.. Don’t do it. It’s going to blow.” I shut my eyes cause I couldn’t bear to see this climatic end, this eruption.

Tammy! Tammy!! The sound of my name being screamed from a great distance brought me back to consciousness, I was day dreaming. Kemi just brought me back to the land of the living. It’s girls’ night out and I could see the whole clique staring at me, I had zoned out again and they were not comfortable. “What’s on your mind? It must have been serious cause you were totally gone”, Bola said with a bit of worry.

“It was a nightmare” I replied, “A nightmare of heavenly experiences that may never happen again.” I added weakly.

Ok I’m sorry babes let me explain.

“Well about 2 Fridays ago I had the worst day ever, the company car had malfunctioned and I was almost late for a marketing and promotion meeting after which I had to get back to work, to make matters worse I had no cash on me, just my ATM card and I was thinking on how I would get a means of transport that would let me use the ATM first. Different cars passed but just one car stopped and asked for directions to Chevron, it was a matte black Mercedes g-wagon. I gave the directions to the best of my ability and he seemed not to fully comprehend my description of the office, then I heard a voice probably in my head that said “Ask her where she’s heading” and the guy in the vehicle asked me I laughed and told him that I was heading to Happy Promo Enterprises and it was 5 blocks away from where he was headed. He told me to get in and the back door opened. Babes I entered hurriedly “Good morning dear” the voice I heard which was a bit too close for comfort. I was startled, never realized that there was someone else in the back sit with me, “my name is Damian, I’m sorry if I startled you” he said so calmly, ahh that was the voice I thought was in my head. I apologized for the reaction and introduced my self.

Speaking of Damian he was a bronze complexioned man, with a healthy smile complimented by a well trimmed side beard and a bit of curls on his hair, he stretched out his hands for a warm hand shake. It totally covered mine. I felt small and he probably noticed because he had a warm smile on. We were like 15mins away from my stop and we had a comfortable chat. I found out he was a new transfer from Chevron Lagos and he’s new in Abuja. Eventually he asked for my number and I gave it to him with no hesitation, because he was so cute and we just got to my stop. He waved and they drove off.

When I got to work I had to call Oyin, you know she works in Chevron. I told her about the nice new transfer at their workplace who helped with a ride, immediately I mentioned his name she began to scream deliriously she helped me describe him. She told me who he really was and my eyes began to water, I became a bit intrigued. Damian Osaro was not a new transfer he was the North regional manager of Chevron Nigeria. Oh my gosh.. Money $$$. I am not a gold digger but I never stooped for anyone with a low grade income with the exception of Donald (that hot hot undergrad).

 Later that day by 5pm I got a call, it was Damian, he asked if I was done with work for the day, to which I replied that I had like an hour earlier, he then proceeded to ask what I had for dinner,  “Nothing, I haven’t prepared my dinner” I said. He then asked if I would be interested in coming out with him for dinner to show him around, I pretended to think about it, before saying yes, I gave him the description. He asked if 7pm was good and I had no objections. It was 6:56 when I heard a car’s engine purr and then come to a halt.

He came out the car, and knocked on my door I pretended not to hear the first 3 knocks but had already seen him from the window. I opened the door and when I saw him my mind got stuck in a bit of a pause, he was tall probably 6ft 3 he had brown eyes and the cologne made me want to bury my face in his muscular chest, I welcomed him in and asked if he wanted something to drink but he politely declined and complimented the interior arrangement of my apartment, I complemented him on his clever deciphering of my description he smiled. I loved his smile, it was obvious he was friends with his dentist, because his teeth was white and had a celestial glow.

We left my apartment and the car he used was different from the one he used in the morning, butterfly doors which opened upwards with the control of his keys, I complimented the ride, he appreciated the compliment and explained that this was his actual car and that himself and his driver drove it all the way from Lagos and they dropped it at a mechanics shop to service and wash. The earlier car belonged to his only friend he had in Abuja.

I was trying to think of where to take him, but he asked if I wouldn’t mind eating at the restaurant of the hotel he was staying at, and I said no problem, “Rich bastard” I said in my heart. It was the Transcorp Hilton, freaking Transcorp and I never knew that my moral compass would be tilted by wealth.  For the first time I felt turned on by wealth. When we got to the restaurant and the menu was presented, the waiter came in and greeted him, this was the second person who had greeted him with a seemingly familiar appeal. “You seem to be popular around here for a man new in the city” I said. He just simply replied “I’m a bit of a child, I’m a joker so I play around with people who render services just to make them comfortable in their service rendering, and this is my 3rd day here”.

So we continued discussing, and as the drinks came in, his calm and cool mood lightened up a bit and so did mine, He asked bout my relationship status, I lied, “I’m single now, was in a relationship it was off and on with the same guy, but I got tired of his cheating ways while I was giving him everything a woman could give..” He smiled naughtily when he heard me say this and with a grin followed by just 2 words “oh really ” I became mute and pretended to be shy (at this point I already wanted to have his baby) and asked him about his status, he replied with a bit of a shocking remark “Non existent, I am just basically a feel good tool or a means to an end, my status makes people see me as some sort of goldmine which eventually changes to a pleasure donor”. I was intrigued, he seems smart, and he’s paid, and has amazing looks could he be good in bed too? No never he can’t be, but I wouldn’t mind trying for myself though.

I pushed to know what he meant by a pleasure donor. He showed a bit of hesitance to speak and when he opened his mouth to narrate, I began to feel hot, thus the wetness between my legs. “I am a sensuous-sexual. Its not a real term, I derived this term for myself, to explain my condition the rate of stimulation of my partner depicts the rate at which I get turned on.. It’s late now let’s talk about it another time you have to get home don’t you?” I was already turned on and wanted to ask if we could go to his room but I just nodded in agreement and figured we would continue the discussion later.

In a ride that seemed like it was taking forever he refused to continue his narrative, instead he had something else on his mind, he wanted to know what I meant by saying I gave everything a woman should give, and wanted to know all the things I did but luckily we were at my apartment and I invited him to come in. He did, I brought out a bottle of wine with two glasses and asked “one for the road?” He was interested, as we began to down the bottle, I brought up our earlier discussion he smiled and said” instead of telling you, how about I show you” I thought of protesting but decided to ask what he meant, he just leaned forward and kissed me and with all the self-control left in me, I politely stopped him and had a fake puzzled look on? But it was useless because his lips uniting with mine sent immense moisture leaking out my soft spot and wetting my panties. He simply said, “Experience is the best teacher and I want to show this body of yours a thing or two”

That was the last real sentence that was shared between us for the next 10mins.

He held on to me, kissed me again, but this time I responded, his left hands held on to my chin to lift it up an he just picked every inch of my lips. One at a time, my upper and then lower, he gently reached in for my tongue and sucked on it gently creating this strange vacuum pressure, oh my what style is this. It feels so good, he turned me around an zipped down my gown, and in an instant I could feel his lips all over my back leaving little kisses on every spot on my back every inch of my neck and a soft spot just behind my ears he kept kissing and picked my earlobes with his lips, this had me gushing I didn’t even know that it was a soft spot for me, I was getting aroused even more, I automatically dropped my gown down so he could keep exploiting, he took off the straps of my bra. The dampness of my panties had greatly exceeded its limit and I could feel a bit of my sex fluid dripping down my laps oh my I am a little slut but right now I don’t care, he was in no hurry and he looked at my body like some amazing piece of artwork fit for the King’s palace and that turned me on much more. As I stood there enslaved to his touch and kisses, just like a pro from behind he held unto my now gently hardening nipples, and still kissed me from behind, my thoughts were being re-programmed with every kiss and with every tender tease of my nipples. “Woah you are beautiful” he said he had turned me around again this time we faced each other and he again went for my lips, and then down he kissed till he got to my breasts and he began to lick round my areola’s and with each circling he would suck them, it was like a ritual he was all too familiar with, he felt my breasts as my nipples developed rock solid hardness, his mouth caught hold of them and  he decided to go down, he kissed, and kissed and kissed down my navel and when he got to my panties he seemed so satisfied with the wetness I had sustained, I now began to notice his bulge growing bigger, for a moment I felt selfish, he had paid so much attention to me and I had done nothing but just stand there and respond to his touches. I tried to raise his head up and take off his clothes, he just let me take of his shirt and he dropped his pants down, and before I could continue he stopped me and just kissed me deeply and went back down to where he was about to do damage. He  took off my panties and I became self-conscious, not that I didn’t shave but that was about a week ago, but immediately he saw my love bunny a grin was on his face and I became comfortable again,  “it’s beautiful” he said. I just nodded in agreement his actions had left me mute.

He scanned through my pussy and then started to explore with his hands, he just played around the surface but I was already feeling super aroused, as he opened my pussy walls a fresh batch of wet fluid dripped out. He began to tickle my walls with his fingers, oh my somebody, help me. He kept fiddling and fiddling and decided to go in with his mouth, just the thought of it made me shiver and I erupted immediately his mouth touched my pussy, I almost fell in the standing position he left me in but I had his firm shoulders to hold on to and he had gripped my other harm to give me support. when I came back to my senses I could see his dick fully trying to tear out his boxers he had a grin of satisfaction but eagerness to continue , I tried to bring out his dick but he stood up and stopped me, instead he lifted me and put me on the couch, in a laying position and my legs facing him, he went down on his knees, sucked on the finger which followed his thumb and stuck it right in my pussy, his fingers felt warm and cold at the same time and he began to finger fuck the hell out of me and at the same time he began to spread out the hood of my vagina an the monster found my clit, he dived in with his tongue while still finger fucking me, he hung my legs over his shoulder and buried himself deeper, I felt something building up, and I think the bastard just located my G-spot, the stimulation of my clit and aroused my G-spot and he began fiddling with it his finger began to move in a curly motion like he was calling something in my pussy or scratching me out, finally all hell broke loose and I began to twist, shudder and  shake, I began to feel cold and warm at the same time. Hmmmm I had an explosive orgasm and I pushed him away aggressively he didn’t care he continued licking and flicking till I calmed down.

Holy hell, his dick was now in full prong, and he asked, where the nearest bedroom was, I wanted to take him upstairs but he repeated nearest, and I pointed to the guest room opposite the parlor, swiftly he picked me up and took me there and dropped me on the bed, I was losing arousal and he noticed, he began multitasking on my body, he would kiss me, then suck my nipples while finger fucking fury out of me.

Finally the time had come, he dropped down his boxers and he had a beautiful dick it was dark and tilted slightly upward, he asked me for condoms but I told him I had pills (I lied I just wanted his dick so bad) he rubbed his dick with the little moisture he could get from my cunt and he just played around the walls and kept tickling my clit and I started to feel the build up again. Without warning he just slipped his dick inside me, he began to stroke with fury after his first three strokes, and it felt good I didn’t know when I began pleading with him to go harder faster harder faster please please don’t stop, oh please fuck me.

Tears dropped out of my eyes, the pleasure was too immense, the upward curl of his dick ensured it hit my G-spot over and over the build up was at it’s peak, I screamed senselessly, stop stop its going to blow as I closed my eyes he kissed me and sucked my nipples till I exploded. Shame on me.. He still hadn’t cum. I walked weakly out of the room going upstairs to take a bath and clean up. He followed like a lost puppy, I entered the shower he followed but this time I wasn’t gonna let him win as he entered the shower I dropped to my knees held on to his dick and began to suck, I sucked I kept sucking I licked the head of his dick and I noticed him shiver, now I was taking control, I began to suck just the head and jerk his dick with my hand, he felt engulfed and wanted to fuck my throat, but I was the one in charge this time, it was my playing field, I was sucking him and I noticed he was about to cum I stood up and he poured all over my legs and his face had a glorious confused look, finally I had done some dominating but I wasn’t done, I poured our bath gel on my hands and began to massage his lifeless dick and it began to come to life and I was super aroused by my control and slutty domination I was ready for another round of domination but he picked me up, faced me to the wall and my back facing him he raised my ass up and I was in a tip toed position and he plunged his dick in me and began to stroke me like mad dog, and for some weird reason it deepened my wetness my arousal sky rocketed and I began mumbling gibberish like “em em am uhm ohh yea yaba yes oh please god oh please Damian more, more, stop Damian please, i’m cumming” and as my walls contracted on his dick, and my orgasm triggered he also came and shot his entire load in me” I had a mini black out I think I had one too many orgasms, I recovered and found myself in his arms and he just put on the shower and let the rain wash my drained body, and as he turned of the knob I stretched to kiss him, we went to the bed and I was still in his arms, he kissed my forehead “and that’s the last scene I could recollect from that night. I woke up the next morning but he had already left me.

Written by LarDinupedols

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